12 Days of Christmas: MOJO Wristband + Patches

Have you tried MOJO? Photo by Sally Spickard. Have you tried MOJO? Photo by Sally Spickard.

This is always one of EN’s most popular giveaways, and we’re excited to once again offer a MOJO Future Tech Wristband and Patches for today’s 12 Days of Christmas! Top riders like William Fox-Pitt, Mark Todd, Oliver Townend, Lucinda Fredericks, Tim and Jonelle Price, Jock Paget, Phillip Dutton, Tim Bourke, Colleen Rutledge and Laine Ashker trust MOJO to up their competitive edge, and now you can too.


Tim Price wearing MOJO wristbands on both wrists during his win at Luhmühlen 2014. Photo by Jenni Autry.

What is MOJO Future Tech? The company began researching the effects of holographic technology on both human and equine athletes with a goal of encouraging core strength, stamina and reflexes. Athletes who use MOJO report a variety of positive effects, from increased balance, focus and calmness to pain relief, enhanced endurance and increased stamina. And it’s not just for humans. Horses can also reap the benefits thanks to the patches.

If you’ve never tried MOJO, now’s your chance! Enter to win your own wristband and patches using the Rafflecopter widget below. Entries close tonight at midnight EST. To visit MOJO’s U.S. distribution site and order your own wristband, click here. Good luck!