87-Year-Old Nelly Jacobs Goes for One Last Ride

Full disclosure: Get some tissues ready now, because this video is a tear-jerker.

Nelly Jacobs, 87, of the Netherlands was an accomplished equestrian back in her day. Both a rider and a driver, she also competed in show jumping. She now suffers from Parkinson’s disease and lives in a nursing home.

Two groups, The Care Croup and the Green Cross Members Organization, have come together in the Netherlands to create the Hidden Desires Project, which grants the small wishes of the elderly living in nursing care. These wishes range from attending sporting events, visiting special places from their hometowns or heading to the spa for some TLC.

For Nelly, her wish was to go horseback riding again, one last time.

Using a unique and innovative tool called a huifbed, Nelly’s wish was granted. The language might be different, but a love for horses is the same regardless of what language you speak.

This post originally appeared on EN’s sister site, Horse Nation. Thanks to reader Allison Everhart for the tip!