Alexandra Slusher and Last Call’s CCI3* Dressage Recap


Alexandra Slusher and Last Call

Alexandra Slusher and Last Call of California had an absolutely fantastic test to take the lead in the Jersey Fresh CCI3* going into the cross-country.  You could tell just from watching them circle the arena that it was going to be a good performance and the test didn’t disappoint.  This mare tied up here last year but she looks a lot more fit and ready for a great performance this weekend.

Jersey CCI3* Dressage Results:

1. Alexandra Slusher and Last Call  48.7
2. Doug Payne and Running Order  51.3
3. Carl Bouckaert and Cyrano Z 54.0
4. Mara DePuy and Fun Maker  55.8
5. Andrea Leatherman and Mensa  56.0
6. Nina Ligon and Fernhill Fearless  56.2
7T. Danielle Dichting and Tops  59.4
7T. Melissa Miller and Detail Specialist  59.4

[Jersey Dressage Results]

–You might remember Last Call’s name from her victory in the Galway CIC3* back in March that ended with the false start scoring reversal.  Hawley Bennett, the rider who moved into second with the reversal, is riding Five O’Clock Somewhere in the CCI2* tomorrow.  Why do all of the California horses have drinking phrases as names?

–Throughout the rest of the CCI3*, there was never really a question whether anyone would catch Last Call because no one could quite match her movement.  Doug Payne and Running Order came close with a 51, but RO was just not quite elevated enough to break 50.

–Carl Bouckaert of Belgium rode Cyrano Z to a very nice test.  Carl is a regular international competitor for Belgium and I expect to see him at the Olympics again next year, whether with Cyrano Z or another one of his horses.  His home farm, Chattahoochee Hills, is hosting a two-star next weekend.  Carl sits on a 54.0 tonight, which is good enough for 3rd.

–Mara DePuy and Fun Maker are 4th with a 55.8, but I thought they should have scored better than that.  They are 8 points off of the lead going into the XC in 4th place.

Andrea Leatherman might be the most improved rider of the year and she had a very solid test with Mensa to move into 5th. 

–Lisa Barry and Kenzo de la Roque looked good today–Kenzo is a great horse for Lisa and I’m very glad to see their great spring has led them to Jersey.  It’s been a long road to a CCI3* for this pair.

–Katie Ruppel and Sir Donovan responded with a great ride today after their elimination in the dressage at Rolex due to Donald’s naughtiness.  No one received a larger cheer today than when Katie and Donald finished their test.

–David Koss had a very nice test with Look Sweet.  David is riding with Bruce and although I have never met him I keep hearing that he is really nice and a good horseman.  I’ll be interested in keeping an eye on them this weekend.

Dillon was a little wired for Colleen Rutledge but she did an excellent job managing him and they will look to move up a lot on Saturday.

–Kendal Lehari is one of Canada’s many really talented developing riders:

–I have to give a shout out to Area VIII eventing.  My former Area VIII young riders teammates, Melissa Miller and Detail Specialist are 7th in the CCi3* on a 59.4.  Represent Area VIII!

–It was a quiet and relaxed day of dressage.  There were around 40 spectators off and on scattered around the arena, mostly other riders, parents, and team personnel.  The weather was sunny and breezy.  Brian did a fantastic job with the announcing, as always, even rocking some early Lady Gaga during the breaks, which is only ok because it is early Lady Gaga.

That’s all for now from Jersey after a great day of dressage.  Go eventing. 


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