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Abby Powell is a native of Northeastern Massachusetts who splits her time between commuting into Boston for work and caring for and riding her rescue Mustang x Arab mare, Maggie.

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Friday News & Notes from Smartpak

Horses are super majestic. Photo by Kate Samuels.

You probably saw all over equine social media yesterday (and right here in Thursday’s News & Notes!) that yesterday was National Day of the Horse. Ever since National Chocolate Pudding Day 2017 when we started more thoroughly recognizing national holidays here in your daily EN News & Notes, we’ve come across some real gems. Generally, it’s all light-hearted fun and we get a good chuckle out of some really random ones, but National Day of the Horse? This is serious business. I had to do some digging to find out how this hallowed day came to be.

It turns out that National Day of the Horse is legitimately a national holiday — not just some random day designated by an organization for the sake of promotion, as is often the case of the “holidays” we mention — and it has the senate bill to prove it. Way back in 2004 Sen. Bill Campbell (R-Colorado) submitted a resolution to declare December 13th the National Day of the Horse as a means of “encouraging the people of the United States to be mindful of the contribution of horses to the economy, history, and character of the United States.” So now you know and you have 364 days to plan your celebrations for next year’s holiday. Ready, go!

National Holiday: National Bouillabaisse Day (See? Random.)

Your Friday News & Notes

Who will be crowned the 2018 EquiRatings Horse of the Year? The bracket of 12 finalists was has been seeded and voting for round one is open now through December 16th! Makes sure you head over to the EquiRatings Facebook page and rock the vote because because there are some really heated matchups! [EquiRatings Horse of the Year]

Do your part in the name of research and take a survey on helmet use! Dr. Koren Ganas of the University of Illinois College of Medicine Department of Health Sciences Education is conducting a brief survey on helmet use in equestrians across a variety of disciplines and wants your feedback! The survey is designed to gather information on riders’ attitudes toward wearing helmets. [Take the Equestrian Helmet Use Survey!]

It really is equestrian award season: Noëlle Floyd has opened up voting for their Best Of 2018 Awards in which you can vote for your favorites in a variety of categories. Eventing is well-represented in the cross-discipline categories. For example: Emma Ford and Courtney Carson are in the running for Groom of the Year (make sure you scroll all the way down to see Courtney’s name), Angela Hislop and Jacqueline Mars are up for Owner of the Year, and both Lainey Ashker and Chris Talley are nominated for Stylish Equestrian of the Year. I am completely torn on that one. [Cast Your Votes For The Noëlle Floyd Best Of 2018 Awards]

Brush up on your knowledge of strangles, equine influenza, vaccinations and more in this episode of SmartPak’s Ask the Vet:

Weekly OTTB Wishlist from Cosequin: Beyond the Wrapping Paper

‘Tis the season of giving and we should all know very well that some of the very best gifts don’t come in flashy packages, glittery wrapping paper, or extravagant ribbons. Indeed, it could be a simple brown paper wrapped package that could hold the very best gift of all.

This week we have three nice brown OTTBs looking for new jobs. They may not be very flashy at just glance, but they could be a gem. Take them home for Christmas!

Magnum. Photo via Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center.

Magnum (TIZWAY – BANK CANDY, BY BANKER’S GOLD): 2015 16.0-hand Indiana-bred gelding

He may have flunked out from the racetrack, but Magnum seems like he’s raring to go and eager to find his niche as a sport horse. This handsome gelding was just a few days off the track when he arrived at Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center (MMSC) and he is wasting no time showing the staff there what he is capable of. During his first time under saddle at MMSC, Magnum was perfectly happy to walk, trot, canter, and whoa plus pop over a baby cross rail and splash through puddles in the ring! Being so well put together coupled with no history of injury, a sweet disposition, and an obviously good work ethic we’re predicting this one will be snapped up fast!

Located in Lexington, Kentucky.

View Magnum on Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center.

Stormy On the D L. Photo via Second Stride.

Stormy On the D L (DISCREET CAT – EDOLIE, BY EDDINGTON): 2016 16.0-hand Ohio-bred soon-to-be gelding

Stormy here is just about as low wear-and-tear as you can get. He has no starts and just one recorded workout from this October. He did pass Second Stride’s regular veterinary intake exam and has his castration already scheduled! He is still a young green bean in terms of his ground manners, but he was very well-behaved under saddle at a walk. Judging by his round pen video, Stormy looks like he should grown into some really nice movement — he just needs a little more time to grow and mature!

Located in Prospect, Kentucky.

View Stormy On the D L on Second Stride.

Normal Sinus. Photo via New Vocations Racehorse Adoption.

Normal Sinus (TURBO COMPRESSOR – TACT REIGNS, BY TACTICAL ADVANTAGE): 2015 16.0-hand Florida-bred mare

This cute mare probably in the running for strangest name I’ve seen this year, but if you’re an allergy-sufferer like me then you’ll probably appreciate it! “Sin” is a super sensible and easy-going three-year-old. She is very attentive to her rider and soft on the aids. Not only that, but she’s also friendly with everyone she meet and easily gets along well with the other mares in her turnout group! Under saddle, Sin is eager to learn and and seems to be taking to new challenges — like cross rails — rather quickly.

Located in Xenia, Ohio.

View Normal Sinus on New Vocations Racehorse Adoption.

Monday Video from Total Saddle Fit: Synchronized Spooking

They were fine rocking out to Queen’s We Will Rock You…but the applause….”noooo way!” 😂 😂😂#stickysprayfanclub

Posted by True North Farm on Saturday, December 8, 2018

Horses: majestic thousand-pound creatures that charged into battle for us centuries ago. Also horses: will spook at their own shadow and turn and flee from sudden noises. Early foot soldiers should have just burst into applause when the enemy cavalry started charging.

Kay Slater’s True North Farm in Harwich, Massachusetts, hosted its 6th annual Winter Holiday Musical Freestyle Party this past Saturday. The fun, festive event featured an afternoon of musical freestyle demonstrations on the flat and over fences. Kay, Robyn Hanover and Brie Putnam’s horses had no problem performing to the Queen hit “We Will Rock You” but they did take great objection to the audience’s applause at the end! Well sat, ladies!

Bonus: Ever seen a zebra, a lion and a giraffe perform an over fences pas de trois? (Ever thought you’d be asked that question?) Well, here you go!

Piper (zebra), Sam (lion) and Peeta (giraffe) having fun today with their peeps at our Musical Freestyle Party! @eventing.peeta @mudwrestler77 Samantha morse @gardiner.megan

Posted by True North Farm on Saturday, December 8, 2018

Saturday Links from Tipperary

Ann and Jim Troppmann and greeted on stage by their children. Photo by Leslie Threlkeld.

In addition to recognizing many of the high achieving horses and riders in our country, the USEA Convention also shines the spotlight on the non-competing members who put so much love and effort into this crazy incredible sport.

Ann and Jim Troppmann were among the recipients of The Governor’s Cup which “honors those individuals who labor tirelessly behind the scenes at the many jobs associated with running the sport and whose services have contributed significantly to eventing” and in a very sweet moment at yesterday’s Year End Awards ceremony they were surprised by their children, who they didn’t know would be present to receive the award. Can I get a collective ‘Awww!’ please?

National Holiday: National Brownie Day

Your Saturday Links:

Jonty Evans and Art reunited as Jonty continues his rehabilitation after brain injury

2018 Year End Awards Ceremony Recognizes Member Achievements

The Fear We Live With

Tricks Of The Trade With Phillip Dutton’s Groom Emma Ford

Spotlight on Officials at the 2018 USEA Annual Meeting & Convention

Horse Blanketing FAQs

Saturday Video: 2018 FEI Solidarity award winner, Alex Hua Tian, is working to introduce children in China to the wonders of horsemanship and all of the life skills that horses can teach us:

FEI Solidarity | FEI Awards 2018

Giving back, giving confidence & showing just what our partnerships with horses have to teach us. The Horse Movement epitomises all of these areas as the 2018 FEI Solidarity award winner strives to introduce children in China to the wonder of horses working with Olympian Alex Hua Tian Eventing.

Posted by FEI Eventing on Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Weekly OTTB Wishlist from Cosequin: Going Home for the Holidays

The competition season is officially over for 2018 and we’re all winding down for the holidays and/or settling into our winter off-season routines. Without the hustle and bustle of impending horse trials to worry about, winter is also a great time to bring in a new horse to bring along. And of course there are tons of OTTBs out there that would love to come home for the holidays with you!

In fact, New Vocations Racehorse Adoption Program is running a “Going Home for the Holidays” special and are slashing their adoption fees in half through December 31st in the hopes of finding new homes for as many horses as possible this season. Wouldn’t you love to celebrate the holidays with one of these lovely horses tucked away in your barn?

Hold That Note. Photo via New Vocations Racehorse Adoption.

Hold That Note (HOLD ME BACK – MONARCHOS SONG, BY MONARCHOS): 2015 16.0-hand Kentucky-bred filly

Three-year-old “Cadence” is a filly as kind as she is lovely to look at. Though she is still young and green, her natural balance and nice gaits are apparent. She has not done much jumping due to her young age, but she’ll eagerly pop over a crossrail when asked. Her bravery and overall attitude have impressed the staff at New Vocations. Cadence has a neat pedigree with Monarchos, Giant’s Causeway, and Fappiano sire lines and has only raced 10 times.

Located in Medina, Ohio.

View Hold That Note on New Vocations Racehorse Adoption.

Uncle Larry. Photo via New Vocations Racehorse Adoption.

Uncle Larry (UNCLE MO – VENETIAN CAUSEWAY, BY GIANT’S CAUSEWAY): 2015 15.3-hand Kentucky-bred gelding

It’s too bad that Uncle Larry wasn’t fast enough to be a successful racehorse because he really does love to run! This long-legged youngster has really discovered the joys of turnout since coming to New Vocations and can be found stretching his legs and enjoying the wide open spaces of his field. The New Vocations staff positively gush about his potential under saddle and say he “feels like an incredible athlete. His legs feel like four springs that could leap over anything you ask.” Now that bodes well for an eventing prospect. Plus, Uncle Larry is also a horse who is forward-thinking and totally business while under saddle. He doesn’t get distracted by finding things to spook at, but he is a more sensitive ride who would excel with someone with quiet hands.

Located in Lexington, Kentucky.

View Uncle Larry on New Vocations Racehorse Adoption.

Peppermint Prince. Photo via New Vocations Racehorse Adoption.

Peppermint Prince (WILDCAT HEIR – HOLY HOLY MOLY, BY HOLY BULL): 2009 17.0-hand Maryland-bred

What could be better than bringing a war horse home for the holidays? And with the name Peppermint Prince? It’s almost too perfect! Prince earned over $217,000 in his 97 starts and has held up to the workload fantastically. After a long career on the track, it took him a little while to get adjusted to the slower pace of farm life but since being restarted under saddle by the New Vocations team he’s shown to have unlimited potential. While he has a tendency to get a little anxious under saddle, as soon as he understands what is being asked of him he is happy to comply. This big guy simply loves to work and, true to his name, he loves peppermints too!

Located in Medina, Ohio.

View Peppermint Prince on New Vocations Racehorse Adoption.

Monday Video from Total Saddle Fit: Fold a Blanket Like Emma Ford

Learning Center: Blanketing 101 with Emma Ford brought to you by Horseware Ireland

Our barn aisles always look tidy thanks to Emma Ford's method of folding blankets. She shares her folding tips and more blanketing advice in this US Equestrian Learning Center video:

Posted by Phillip Dutton Eventing on Monday, October 1, 2018

How do you fold a heavy weight blanket without it looking like garbage? It’s one of the greatest mysteries of the horse-keeping world, right up there with questions such as ‘Where did the other bell boot go?’ and ‘Why won’t my horse walk though that tiny puddle when he’ll gladly drop into water on course?’

At least we can solve one of these mysteries, thanks to super groom Emma Ford, Barn Manager and Head Groom for Phillip Dutton at True Prospect Farm. Watch the clip above to learn her two techniques for immaculately folded blankets. Bonus: if you’re a US Equestrian member you can log in to watch the full video to also enjoy Emma’s teachings on choosing and fitting a blanket.

Saturday Links from Tipperary

Will Coleman and Off The Record, winners of the 2018 Brook Ledge Great Meadow International CICO3*. Photo by Jenni Autry.

Changes. They are a-coming. Among them, of course, are the new FEI categorizations for levels and we’re going to have to start getting used to them ASAP. Great Meadow International actually just announced that, in addition to a date change from early July to late August, they are adding some additional levels so this is a perfect time to practice using the new designations!

Here we go: In addition to their existing four-star (I know, that sounds super weird doesn’t it?), a CCI4*-S (formerly CIC3*), Great Meadow is adding a CCI3*-S (formerly CIC2*) and CCI2*-S (formerly CIC1*). The change to the later date in August will make it a good prep event for the fall CCI-L (formerly just CCI) season.

Hang in there guys. We’ll make it through this and get used to the new norm together.

National Holiday: National Eat a Red Apple Day

U.S. Weekend Action:

Sporting Days Farm Horse Trials IV [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times]

Your Saturday Links:

Great Meadow International Announces Big Changes for 2019

PODCAST: Frankie Thieriot Stutes and Katherine Coleman: Fall 2018 Three-Star Champions

ANOTHER PODCAST: EquiRatings Horse of the Year 2018 – The Contenders

A Case For Not Focusing On Your Goals: Part 3, Horses

‘Mixed emotions’ as top British event horse sold abroad

Gastric Ulcers in Horses: 30 Years of Research

Saturday Video:

Wednesday News & Notes from Attwood Equestrian Surfaces

Well hey there. Photo via Wallaby Hill on Facebook.

Here in the States we have giant carved fish and ducks we like to make our horses jump over at our big-time event. Down in Australia at Wallaby Hill they have, well, a wallaby. And his name is Nigel, after his creator Nigel Sardeson of Sardeson Sculpture. Nigel is the first fence on the CCI3* course at OTTO Sport Australia International 3-Day Event at Wallaby Hill this weekend. Click here for a fun time lapse of his construction!

National Holiday: National Package Protection Day (It’s about mail — get your mind out of the gutter!)

U.S. Weekend Preview:

Sporting Days Farm Horse Trials IV [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

Your Wednesday News & Notes:

Pergolide has been the go-to treatment for Equine Cushing’s disease for decades, but due to its class of drug it is a prohibited substance under FEI and USEF rules. Now there’s good news for horses affected by Cushing’s! Effective December 1, 2018, horses granted a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) for pergolide can remain on pergolide while competing. [USEF Announces New Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) Status for Pergolide Administration]

The USEA Educational Symposium is back for 2019 and has found a new home at Grand Oaks Resort in Wiersdale, Florida — just 25 mile outside of Ocala — is scheduled for February 18-21, 2019. The ICP Symposium will take place Monday and Tuesday of those dates and will feature French event rider Maxime Livio as clinician. Wednesday will focus on the YEH program with clinics also led by Maxime. Thursday will feature the Future Event Horse program with FEH judges Robin Walker and Peter Gray. Registration is open and demo riders and horses are also still needed! [Save the Date for the 2019 USEA Educational Symposium at the Grand Oaks Resort!]

Matt Brown is back with part 2 of his ultra insightful COTH blog. In this installment, Matt explores how instructors can help set their human students up for a lifetime of learning and ultimately achieving their goals by cultivating a growth mindset and helping them set process-oriented goals. [A Case For Not Focusing On Your Goals: Part 2, Students]

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD), otherwise known as seasonal depression, is a common issue this time of year and equestrians are certainly not immune to it. While it might help if you have a winter escape south to Aiken or Ocala, it can be especially difficult to stay motivated and feel pretty down in the dumps during the cold and dark winter months. Here are few tips to help you take care yourself during a tough season. [Getting Through Winter: Seasonal Depression and the Equestrian]

Attwood Wisdom of the Week: Let the Water Run Out

No doubt about it this has been a rainy summer for most of the East Coast, and fall is turning out to be much of the same. But no matter where you live, we have all seen the negative effects of too much rain on a poorly constructed arena.

An arena’s drainage system is your first line of defense when the skies open up. Every outdoor should have the minimum of at least one designed French drain INSIDE the arena. Why inside? So that the water does not have to go under or over kickboards to drain away, washing away your footing creating gullies and puddles.

Designing your drainage system is as important as the choice of footing you put in your arena. Ideally your drainage system should let the water leave in a steady consistent manner.

The drainage system should reflect the use of the arena. If the arena cannot have any downtime, more drainage should be incorporated which translates into more maintenance of the footing. More watering and more dragging ensures the footing stays in tip-top shape.

There are always trade offs in creating a perfect riding surface. That’s why riders like Phillip Dutton and Boyd Martin turn to Attwood for their expertise and scientifically proven formulas.

Want to know more about the most advanced footing solutions on the market today please call Attwood Equestrian Surfaces at 888-461-7788.

Weekly OTTB Wishlist from Cosequin: Better Than Black Friday

Didn’t get the deal you were dreaming of on Black Friday? Never fear, you could still score the deal of the century on one of these black (well, dark bay) OTTBs. Think of the feeling you’ll have bursting from the start box on a former racehorse — now that’s way better than any kind rush Black Friday shopping might give you.

Caviar Czar. Photo via New Vocations Racehorse Adoption.

Caviar Czar (MEDAGLIA D’ORO – COUNTESS LEMONADE, BY STORM CAT): 2014 16.1-hand Irish-bred gelding

You don’t come across a horse like this every day when scrolling through thoroughbred rehoming sites. Caviar Czar isn’t your run-of-the-mill claimer; this four-year old has earned over $112,000 in his seven career starts. Not too shabby, indeed — so how did this high-earning, well-bred, good-looking horse end up in search of a new career? The answer is that he comes from connections with higher aspirations; connections such as big name trainer Todd Pletcher and owner Bobby Flay. Yes, that Bobby Flay, the Food Network celebrity chef!

Caviar Czar retired without any limitations to his future abilities under saddle. He’s a laid back dude who gets along with pasture mates and has no stall vices. Additionally, he is easy going under saddle and attentive to his rider. Pletcher and Flay deserve kudos for placing their horse with such an excellent organization as New Vocations and giving him a chance to succeed in another discipline.

Located in Lexington, Kentucky.

View Caviar Czar on New Vocations Racehorse Adoption.

Mammie’s Treasure. Photo via Finger Lakes Finest Thoroughbreds Inc.

Mammie’s Treasure (TREASURE BEACH (GB) – MOMMIE’S THE BOSS, BY HOLY BULL): 2015 15.3-hand New York-bred filly

Of course, an OTTB most certainly does not need to have been owned by a celebrity to catch your attention. This still-growing filly has quite a look about her that seems to scream future sport horse. Mammie’s Treasure is lightly raced with just eight starts. She won her maiden this summer but couldn’t quite keep up with the next level of competition. With the Finger Lakes Race Track meet coming to a close this week she’s in the market for a new career before her connections head south. Mammie’s Treasure is a friendly, well-behaved filly who is sound and has no vices.

Located in Farmington, New York.

View Mammie’s Treasure on Finger Lakes Finest Thoroughbreds Inc. on Facebook.

Eva Destruction. Photo via CANTER Chicago.

Eva Destruction (U S RANGER – RUNNING CLEAR, BY CRYPTOCLEARANCE): 2014 15.3-hand Kentucky-bred mare

18 starts and just under $11,00o earned, Eva Destruction has made it pretty clear that racing isn’t her thing. In particular, she didn’t like running on the surface at Chicago’s track in the summertime. For that reason, she earned herself a nice summer vacation on the farm. “Eva” was good to handle and well-behaved on the farm and likewise she was very polite for her CANTER photoshoot even on a blustery snowy day. This filly has Danzig and Fappiano sire lines so she certainly has some good potential as a sport horse prospect. Not to mention she already has a great show name!

Located in Stickney, Illinois.

View Eva Destruction on CANTER Chicago.

Monday Video from Tredstep Ireland: It Happens to the Best

When your horse has been doing 3*** all season and now pulls a tantrum and won’t go over a pole 🙈😂 ArcEquine Fairfax Saddles @falprorugs HIGH5 Sports Nutrition HRP Equestrian NAF SAFE RIDING TopSpecBritish Eventing Official #3dayeventing #britisheventing #eventing #eventinghorse #eventinglife #eventingnation #eventingrider #eventingstyle #threedayeventing #newyard #newhome #freshstart #gallop #horse #horseaddict #horselife #horselovers #horsemanship #horsenation #horsephotography #horses #horsesofinstagram #horsestagram #horsetraining

Posted by Will Rawlin Eventing on Saturday, November 24, 2018

Sometimes horses get the a case of the Mondays, too. We’ve all been there on a horse who’s done this or that a thousand times, but seemingly out of the blue one day they decide that they simply cannot even.

British eventer Will Rawlin recently shared this moment that we can all relate to when his horse, V.I.P Vinnie, a 10-year-old German-bred gelding owned by Miranda and Andrew Rawlin, took particular exception to walking over a ground pole during a recent school. And no, V.I.P Vinnie isn’t exactly a green bean event horse — he completed four three-stars this season at Blenheim, Chatsworth and Belton (OK, that part I can’t relate to). The next time your equine partner pulls a fast one on you and forgets ‘how to horse,’ just remember it even happens to the best!

Here he is running the Advanced at Burnham Market International Horse Trials earlier this year. No scary poles here!

Saturday Links from Tipperary

Wishful thinking… Photo courtesy of Andi Davison.

While entry fees may not be on sale, pretty much everything else from every equestrian business ever is this weekend. This whole weekend after Thanksgiving has become quite an event in terms of shopping and I’ve pretty much had to lock my credit card away in a drawer to keep from buying myself presents. But really, they’re not actually for me … they’re for my horse … so that’s fine, right?

National Holiday:  Small Business Saturday

U.S. Weekend Action:

Pine Top Thanksgiving H.T. [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

Saturday Links:

The medal-winning event horse with a spooky connection to his rider’s family

Sharpen Your Show-Jumping Skills

A Window Into Your Horse’s Sole

Horse-riding simulator helped hospitalized older people 

Christoph Hess: The Importance of the Stretch

Saturday Video: Some no-sew braids to try out:

How to do Lackie/Banded Plaits – No Sewing Required!!

This is a very quick and easy method of creating lovely plaits without any sewing. Goodbye ugle bobble plaits, this method gives a much better finish and is as easy as pie! Perfect for thick or thin manes, it's particularly great for events where you don't want to spend more time plaiting than you will riding or if you really struggle with sewn plaits so would like an easy alternative.

Posted by Nags To Riches Equestrian on Monday, May 21, 2018

Weekly OTTB Wishlist from Cosequin: Yet Another Finger Lakes Finest Feature

We really do try to spread the love around to different organizations in our Weekly OTTB Wishlist presented by Cosequin (Have an organization in mind that you’d like to see featured? Email me!), but boy is it tough when there are so many nice horses coming out of one place and in a hurry to find new homes!

Last week we mentioned that the meet at Finger Lakes Race Track in Farmington, New York, would be wrapping up soon (next Wednesday!) and horses who wouldn’t be heading south for their trainers would need to find new gigs. So here we are with another three lovely horses available — all for absolute bargain prices of $1,500 or less due to the end of the meet — through Finger Lakes Finest Thoroughbreds Inc., and there are so many more on their Facebook page still. Come and get ’em!

Cats Landing. Photo via Finger Lakes Finest Thoroughbreds.

Cats Landing (COLONEL JOHN – TIFFANY TWISTED, BY THUNDER GULCH): 2012 16.2-hand New York-bred gelding

This horse’s trainer told the FLF volunteers that Cats Landing is “the best looking horse he’s had” and we have to agree — he’s a really nice one, indeed! With that lovely uphill build and a great pedigree, we can see this gelding doing really well in a second career as a sport horse. As it is, “Cat” did alright for himself as a racehorse too, steadily finishing in the money and having earned over $116,000 total in 55 starts. This year, though he’s had no reported soundness issues, Cat just doesn’t seem to be showing the same enthusiasm for racing that he has over the past few seasons so his connections would like to see him excel in a second career. Cat seems like the kind of horse who’ll eagerly meet any new challenges you bring him. His trainer says he has the “been there done that” attitude seen among many warhorses, has no stall vices, and is very well behaved.

View Cats Landing on Finger Lakes Finest Thoroughbreds.

Mr. McFrosty. Photo via Finger Lakes Finest Thoroughbreds.

Mr. McFrosty (FROST GIANT – TWIRLAWAY, BY UNBRIDLED): 2014 16.2-hand New York-bred gelding

This gentle giant found himself in Pennsylvania this summer with a trainer who then fell on hard times and had to divest of his herd. Mr. McFrosty wound up at Finger Lakes with a trainer who hasn’t had the resources to put into his condition, so he’s currently in “diamond in the rough” condition. He does, however, have a great foundation to make a nice sport horse and with some TLC and elbow grease could wind up being a really handsome guy. Mr. McFrosty has three wins out of his 17 career starts and two of those came earlier this year. That athleticism combined with his cool breeding could make Mr. McFrosty the deal of the century!

View Mr. McFrosty on Finger Lakes Finest Thoroughbreds.

Total Accounting. Photo via Finger Lakes Finest Thoroughbreds.

Total Accounting (SLIGO BAY (IRE) – ON ACCOUNT OF ME, BY UNACCOUNTED FOR): 2011 15.3-hand Ontario-bred gelding

Picture the adorable good looks of a pony, but the athleticism of a Thoroughbred and viola — here’s Total Accounting. Don’t let that dashing forelock and mischievous eye fool you too much, he’s been a pretty good racehorse over the years, with $168,000 in 68 starts. This year he hasn’t really been into it, however, but his trainer says he has “no problems at all.” Not only has his sire, Sligo Bay, produced some successful steeeplechasers and eventers, but he’s said to pass on his sweet demeanor to his offspring, and Total Accounting is no exception. Even after being cooped up for a few few days through the recent bad weather, he was nothing but friendly, curious, and well-behaved for his photoshoot!

View Total Accounting on Finger Lakes Finest Thoroughbreds.

Monday Video from Tredstep Ireland: OTTB Cruises Around OJC

Nothing runs like an OTTB 🏇🏽. Call Him Paddy EATING UP the OJC CCI* course!

Posted by Lainey Ashker on Saturday, November 17, 2018

Cruise around the Ocala Jockey Club CCI* with Lainey Ashker and Call Him Paddy, an 8-year-old off-the-track Thoroughbred sourced by her mother, Valerie Ashker. “Patrick” absolutely ate up the track and turned in a beautiful double clear round. Lainey’s weekend didn’t end quite the way she wanted, pulling a few rails in the final phase, but we have no doubt that this horse is a superstar for the future! Kick on Lainey and Patrick!


Weekly OTTB Wishlist from Cosequin: Take a Gamble with Finger Lakes Finest

Ain’t no rest for the weary. After the Thoroughbred Makeover in Kentucky one weekend and Rocking Horse H.T. the next, Elisa Wallace headed back up north to the Finger Lakes Racetrack with her friend Rebecca Bowman to pick up a couple prospects for the 2019 RRP Thoroughbred Makeover. What happens when two horse professionals head to the track with an empty six horse trailer? Needless to say, the pair travelled back to Georgia with a full load for themselves and their clients.

Elisa herself has two new prospects, Frosty Martini and Play Big. Prior to heading up to New York, Elisa had found and purchased “Frosty” via Finger Lakes Finest Thoroughbreds online. In her latest vlog she takes us to the backside of Finger Lakes Racetrack where she picks up Frosty and to a nearby farm where another prospect, whom she’s calling “Gamble”, catches her eye. It’ll be a treat to watch her bring along these two 2019 RRP hopefuls!

Frosty Martini (left) and Play Big (right). Consider these the “before” pictures. Photos via Elisa Wallace Eventing on Facebook.

The meet at Finger Lakes will be wrapping up in a two and a half weeks so many horses who are retiring from racing are looking for new homes and careers before their trainers head south for the winter. Finger Lakes Finest volunteers saw 21 horses this past weekend who’ll be looking for new homes and they’ll be listing them on their Facebook page. If you’re ready to take a gamble on your own OTTB, now is an excellent time to do so. Here are three from Finger Lakes ready to move on to their next career:

Candy Road. Photo via Finger Lakes Finest Thoroughbreds.

Candy Road (SOCIANO – RUNINTHEFASTLANE, BY PIKEPASS): 2014 16.1-hand New York-bred mare

Hmm, notice any similarities between this lovely lady and Elisa Wallace’s Frosty Martini above? The resemblance is uncanny, and it makes sense considering they are half-siblings out of the same mare! Candy Road additionally has a Fappiano sire line, making for a truly covetable sporthorse pedigree.

This four-year-old is nicely put together and has beautifully clean legs. Her jog video shows a lovely floating trot with good reach. According to her trainer, she can get a little strong when she’s in full race training, but when she’s off the track and on the farm she’s a mellow sweetheart.

View Candy Road on Finger Lakes Finest Thoroughbreds.

Bellelarama. Photo via Finger Lakes Finest Thoroughbreds.

Bellelarama (GIROLAMO – BOCA BELLE, BY SILVER DEPUTY): 2014 16.1-hand New York-bred mare

There is a lot to like about this solidly-built mare — her lovely shoulder, strong hindquarters, and proudly-set neck just to name a few things. With some hoof care to remedy that long toe/low heel often seen in racehorses, she could possibly be the perfect prospect!

As it is, Bellelrama has done decently for herself on the track earning just shy of $68,000 in 26 starts but that’s not quite enough for her trainer to bring her back for next season. Bellelrama trotted politely for her groom who couldn’t trot very well himself due to a recent injury, but she showed promising movement and was sound without hind shoes. In addition to having good ground manners even on a blustery chilly day, this sweet mare also enjoyed being adored and groomed in her stall.

View Bellelarama on Finger Lakes Finest Thoroughbreds.

Funny Surprise. Photo via Finger Lakes Finest Thoroughbreds.

Funny Surprise (GIANT SURPRISE – EMILY HA HA, BY BRIGHT LAUNCH): 2014 16.1-hand New York-bred mare.

Funny Surprise is described by her trainer as “a sweetheart with wonderful ground manners, a classy mare and just an all around good egg.” She also did decently for herself as a racehorse with just over $86,000 earned in 32 starts. Those 32 starts included 13 second place finishes, which meant she brought in a steady paycheck for her connections and could keep running in some of the easier conditions throughout her career. Her success also means she’s a talented athlete with a good work ethic. Now that the racing season in New York is ending, she needs to find a new home and a career where she can excel.

View Funny Surprise on Finger Lakes Finest Thoroughbreds on Facebook.

Saturday Links from Tipperary

Halt, salute, snack. Photo by JJ Sillman.

Week by week, the number of horse trials dwindle as fall creeps towards winter. It’s pretty hard to deny Winter is Coming and that 2018 really is waning now that much of the East Coast (and beyond – I see you Texas and Oklahoma) has had their first snowfall. Even sunny Florida can’t escape the cold front; spectators are bundled up in puffy coats in all the pictures I see from Ocala!

National Holiday: National Take a Hike Day

Major Weekend Events:

Ocala Jockey Club CIC & CCI: WebsiteEntry Status, XC Start TimesScheduleLive StreamEN’s CoverageEN’s TwitterEN’s Instagram

U.S. Weekend Action:

Fresno County Horse Park H.T. [Website] [Entry Status/Ride Times/Live Scores]

Saturday Links:

Ringside Chat: Sinead Halpin Is Juggling Motherhood And Career Aspirations

‘It Restores Your Faith In Humanity’: How Equestrians Showed Up For California Wildfire Evacuees (And How You Can Help, Too)

30 Years of Equine Nutrition Research: What Have We Learned?

Plans For Horse Park In West Virginia Put Into Action

Before You Breed Your Horse: Costs and Considerations

PODCAST: Unpack the New FEI Star System + Preview the 2018 USEA Convention

Five Things The Great British Baking Show Has Taught Me About Riding

Saturday Video: Ah, eventers in the off season!

Snow Day at Bourke Eventing! #offseason

Posted by Bourke Eventing on Thursday, November 15, 2018

Monday Video from Tredstep Ireland: Smile Your Way Through Cross Country

Sometimes finding a daily feature video is super easy — perhaps there’s an eye-catching video on social media that we can’t pass up sharing or you awesome readers send in something to [email protected] Other times it’s a little more difficult, especially as the season starts to wind down and new helmet cam footage becomes few and far between.

So when I haven’t been able to easily identify a video to feature I find myself scrolling, scrolling, scrolling down the YouTube pages of some of the fabulous videographers in our eventing family — RNS Videomedia, Ride on Video, and The Horse Pesterer — looking perhaps for an inspiring winning round from some event or a Big Name Rider showing us how it’s done.

This time, however, a pink pom pom on a rider’s helmet cover along with the glittered hindquarters of her steed caught my eye. Meet junior rider Aliyah Taylor and Tuffian a 22-year-old Appendix Quarter Horse owned by Linda Chatfield. Aliyah’s smile all throughout their trip around cross country at Aspen Farms this past September is as bright as her cross country colors and it’s sure to start your week off with just the right vibe.

Go Aliyah and Go Eventing!

Saturday Links from Tipperary

Photo courtesy of Stable View.

With the 2019 Eventing Academy Series starting in December, November 17 & 18 will be the final opportunity for participants in Stable View’s 2018 Eventing Academy to improve their scores prior to the awards celebration on December 8th in Stable View’s new Pavilion.

Those attending November 17 & 18 will be also able to use the new Rider Lounge located in the Common Kitchen area of the Hunt Boxes, located between cross country start and the grass dressage area. Family and friends are also welcome to use these facilities which have coffee, tea, and other refreshments. These accommodations, which have been designed for participants of the Eventing Academy, include indoor toilets and seating area.

Stable View’s Eventing Academy Series complements its recognized horse trials by allowing competitors to enter a full Horse Trial, a combined test, or ride a USEF dressage test in a schooling show atmosphere.  This series runs every month when there is no USEF/USEA sanctioned event. As with its Recognized HT, Stable View’s focus is on safety with all jumps staked and EMS as well as human and horse ambulances onsite.

Levels provided for the Horse Trail are Sprout (18″) through Training Level (3’3″) and the organizers can accommodate Combined Tests through the Advanced Level and competitors can choose any USEF Dressage Test to ride in front of a judge.

Taking place on November 17 & 18, riders can stay overnight in Stable View’s apartments with their horses being accommodated in the new stalls.

National Holiday: National Vanilla Cupcake Day

U.S. Weekend Action:

Full Moon Farms H.T. [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

River Glen Fall H.T. [Website] [Entry Status/Ride Times/Live Scores]

Poplar Place Farm H.T. [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

Texas Rose Horse Park H.T. [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

Saturday Links:

Grand Oaks Horse Trials Cancelled

Zone Of Zero Recall

Practical Biosecurity Tips to Protect Your Horses

Bachelor of Science in Equine Studies offered online in world first

Making Winter Manageable on Horse Farms

Sitting Down With Mental Skills Coach Annette Paterakis: Success, Being Adaptable, And The Talent Myth

Saturday Video: Belle Meade Hunt of Thompson, GA opened their hunt last weekend. Among them was ‘Mighty Maren’ Hanson!

Opening meet today. Denise McCollum Carmichael

Posted by Christie Hanson on Saturday, November 3, 2018

Weekly OTTB Wishlist from Cosequin: The Perfect Match

Elisa Wallace and Reloaded on the Jumbotron at the Breeders’ Cup. Photo via Retired Racehorse Project on Facebook.

Peanut butter and jelly, bread and butter, Thoroughbreds and eventing … some things just go together! And we can now add the Retired Racehorse Project and the Breeders’ Cup to that list of perfect matches, as the two organizations announced early last month that they would be partnering up to promote the Thoroughbred both on the track and off.

As a part of the partnership, the winning rider of America’s Most Wanted Thoroughbred from the Thoroughbred Makeover would receive tickets to the Breeders’ Cup World Championships and be honored in the winner’s circle between Friday’s races. Just one problem: the winner, Elisa Wallace, was already slated to compete two of her horses, Simply Priceless and Riot Gear, at Rocking Horse Fall H.T. that same weekend. It was certainly not for nothing though as each of her horses won their respective Intermediate divisions, RRP representatives were still able to attend and be recognized at the Breeders’ Cup, and a highlight reel of Elisa and Reloaded’s winning Makeover rides was broadcast on the Jumbotron.

Looking for your perfect match? Here are three prospects ready to come off the track and into your life:

Cosmo the Comet. Photo via Finger Lakes Finest Thoroughbreds.

Cosmo the Comet (SPANISH STEPS – PLEASANT DEED, BY ALYDEED): 2009 17.1-hand Florida-bred gelding

Let’s kick today’s wishlist off with a (very) tall, dark, and handsome war horse, shall we? Cosmo the Comet was a successful racehorse making 52 total starts and earning nearly $120,000. He last raced in September 2017 (making him still eligible for the 2019 Thoroughbred Makeover) and has since been simply hanging out at his owner’s farm very near the Finger Lakes Race Track.

This war horse retired sound and now that he’s had a year of let down to adjust to a slower lifestyle, he is ready to go back to work in a new career. Cosmo the Comet did his best racing on the turf and his owner thinks he’d really enjoy eventing. She calls him “good natured and loving” but also says he can be a strong ride but isn’t naughty and has lots of endurance.

Located in  Clifton Springs, New York.

View Cosmo the Comet on Finger Lakes Finest Thoroughbreds on Facebook.

Zesty Zar. Photo via New Vocations Racehorse Adoption.

Zesty Zar (TAPIZAR – GOLDEN DREAMS, BY TOUCH GOLD): 2015 16.1-hand Maryland-bred gelding

Zesty Zar sounds like a really lovely young horse to bring along off the track. The folks at New Vocations say he’s a pleasure to work with on the ground and note that he especially enjoys grooming and bath time. Not only that, but he’s also lovely to work with under saddle. “Zar” is forward thinking, eager to please, and seems to enjoy learning new things. Having last raced at the end of August after 13 total starts he’s still very green as a riding horse, but the future looks promising for him!

Located in Hummelstown, Pennsylvania.

View Zesty Zar on New Vocations Racehorse Adoption.

Richiesonarampage. Photo via CANTER Chicago.

Richiesonarampage (STROLL – WILDDREAMSCOMETRUE, BY WILDCAT HEIR): 2015 16.2-hand Illinois-bred gelding

Richiesonarampage raced 15 times and earned $27,000 and he certainly looks proud of himself for it, doesn’t he? This gelding is nicely put together and was very sweet and personable with CANTER Chicago’s volunteers who did his photoshoot – they have pegged this horse as one who they think is going to sell fast! “Ritchie” is said to be sound and was noted to have clean legs. He actually raced just two days prior to his CANTER listing and seems just as fresh and fit as ever.

Located in Cicero, Illinois at Hawthorne Race Course.

View Richiesonarampage on CANTER Chicago.

Monday Video from Tredstep Ireland: Watch Lauren Kieffer’s Winning Ride at the Royal

The $20,000 Horseware Indoor Eventing Challenge took place this past weekend during the annual Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto, Ontario. The competition, now in it’s 11th year, is an invitation-only event that see’s riders face off over both show jumps and solid obstacles in a course designed by Capt. Mark Phillips.

This year it was  Lauren Kieffer who came out in the top spot thanks to two clear and fast rounds, besting nine other top riders. Lauren was mounted on Glendening Avis, a 13-year-old Canadian Sport Horse mare, loaned to her for the event by Callie Evans. Enjoy the video of Lauren’s winning round above and make sure to check out the full report of the indoor eventing action at The Royal thanks to Suzanna O’Connor.

Monday News and Notes from Fleeceworks

Over the weekend I was chatting with some friends about Daylight Saving Time and one of them referred to yesterday’s fall back of the clock as “the good day” as she was looking forward to the extra hour of sleep and having the light a little earlier in the day to help her wake up and get moving. I politely disagreed. As far as Daylight Saving Time goes, I see this as “the bad day” since now when I get out of work and head to the barn it will be pitch black. Indoor arena, here I come.

National Holiday: The second of two National Doughnut Days (the other is in June). Guess you really can’t have just one.

U.S. Weekend Results:

Virginia CCI, CIC, & H.T. [Website] [Results]

Rocking Horse Fall H.T. [Website] [Results]

Full Gallop Farm November H.T. [Website]

Galway Downs CCI & H.T. [Website] [Results]

Your Monday News and Notes:

This Wednesday, Mardanza Farms is hosting a jumper schooling show to support the Liz Cochrane Memorial Groom’s Award. Classes from Novice to Advanced, fabulous footing, a Chris Barnard-designed course, all supporting a great cause – what more could you want? [Mardanza Farms second annual fundraiser for the Liz Cochrane Memorial Groom’s Award]

The 2018 eventing season was full of surprises. As the eventing season has come to a close in Britain, Horse & Hound takes a look back on some of the moments that made the season such a memorable one. [When the unexpected strikes… 11 surprises of the 2018 eventing season]

In case you missed it, Accelerate won the Breeders’ Cup Classic this weekend. The 5-2 betting favorite broke from the far outside post and stalked the front of the pack before making an exciting push down the homestretch to give his trainer John Sadler his first Breeders’ Cup Championship win in 41 starts. [Accelerate Finds Top Gear to Win Breeders’ Cup Classic]

In other Breeders’ Cup news: a man was arrested for drunkenly riding a stolen horse after sneaking into a restricted area, jumping on a steed, and trying to ride out onto the track. I wish I were making that up. [Kentucky man arrested after trying to ride a horse onto the track during Breeders’ Cup]

Monday Video:

Saturday Links from Tipperary

Neil Donnelly and Fool Proof. Photo by Leslie Threlkeld.

It feels like the fall colors are fading fast in the northern areas of the country, but it looks pretty picturesque in Virginia right now. A sparkling clean gray sure adds to the picture as well! Make sure you check out more Leslie Threlkeld’s lovely scenes from the Virginia CCI and CIC jogs.

National Holiday: National Bison Day

U.S. Weekend Action:

Virginia CCI, CIC, & H.T. [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

Rocking Horse Fall H.T. [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

Full Gallop Farm November H.T. [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

Galway Downs CCI & H.T. [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

Your Saturday Links:

Three-Way Tie for First in the USEF CCI1* Eventing National Championship; Kelsey Ann Quinn Tops the Leaderboard in USEF CCI1*-JR/YR Eventing National Championship at the Virginia Horse Trials.

USEA Rule Refresher: Rule Changes Effective December 1, 2018

The Evolution of Thoroughbred Aftercare

No Stirrups? No Problem!

PODCAST: Young Horse Championship Round-Up

Joanie Morris: A Heart for Eventing

Long hours, hard labour — stable workers are among Ontario’s worst paid workers: survey

Hot on Horse Nation: 2018 Breeders’ Cup Need-to-Know Guide & Fields Preview

Saturday Video: Here’s how C Square Farm stays organized:

Weekly OTTB Wishlist from Cosequin: The Breeder’s Cup is Coming Up

The Breeder’s Cup comes to Kentucky this year, taking place at Churchill Downs in Louisville this Friday and Saturday, November 2-3. These two days of racing, considered the unofficial end of the racing season, see some of the best racehorses in the business battle it out for a coveted Breeder’s Cup title. It’s an achievement to make it into a Breeder’s Cup race, never mind win, and obviously there are many that don’t get there.

Here are three such horses you won’t see racing this weekend. In fact, they’re looking for new careers. Could one of them be your very own champion?

True Cat. Photo via CANTER MD.

True Cat (YES IT’S TRUE – SHE’S A LADY CAT, BY CAME HOME): 2014 16.2-hand West Virginia-bred gelding

This striking chestnut should pique the interest of anyone looking for a classically well-conformed thoroughbred. The only problem is that he’s recently bowed a tendon – but wait! Don’t just keep scrolling! If you’re patient and willing to give True Cat a little more layup time, you could have the deal of the century on your hands. True Cat’s bow was mild, it’s already cold, and the prognosis with proper rest is excellent – he should have unlimited potential.

Not only does this gelding have great bones, but his sweet, amateur-friendly personality makes him a barn-favorite – and that’s saying something given that he comes from a big barn and a trainer who’s worked with many, many horses. His trainer says he’s a great mover and his exercise riders comment on how nice and easy to ride and gallop he his. Put a little love into this guy and you truly have a head-turner on your hands!

Located in Laurel, Maryland.

View True Cat on CANTER Maryland.

War of Ideas. Photo via Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center.

War of Ideas (WAR FRONT – HIGHTAP, BY TAPIT): 2013 16.0-hand Kentucky-bred gelding

War of Ideas goes by the name “Warrior” around the barn and it’s a fitting name after all this handsome gelding has been through. He was retired after four starts and almost $57,000 in earning after a knee injury and a guttural pouch infection. His owners didn’t want to incur the expense of treating him, but Dr. Liz Barrett of Hagyard Equine Medical Institute saw something in him and offered to pay for his veterinary expenses if MMSC would take him on. Since then the infection has cleared, his knee has stabilized, and he has begun retraining. Warrior is working w/t/c and going over ground poles under saddle and has just started some free jumping as well. So far his proving to be and honest and willing partner and a balanced and athletic mover.

Located in Lexington, Kentucky.

View War of Ideas on Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center.

War in the West. Photo via CANTER California.

War in the West (LONE STAR SPECIAL – TEMPLEMARTIN, BY WOLF POWER (SAF)): 2014 16.1-hand California gelding

After six starts, War in the West shows no promise as a racehorse. He’s said to have been retired sound, just slow, and is an uncomplicated character. His jog video shows a nice loose trot with good reach. He is nicely built with a neck a mile long and an uphill build. He stood very nicely for his CANTER photoshoot and appears to be an easy-going, personable guy. Bring him home and make him yours!

Located in Berkeley, California.

View War in the West on CANTER California.

Monday Video from Tredstep Ireland: Could You Manage this Massive Grid?

Photo via Lisanne Kriescher on Facebook.

The Guinness Book of Records cites just a couple of records relating to horses jumping. There’s an official record for puissance (8 ft 1.25 in), for highest jump by a Miniature Horse (42.5 in), and for longest jump over a liverpool (27 ft 6 in), but there doesn’t appear to be a record for longest grid or course. Should someone ever strive to set that record, we herby nominate the folks at Harbarnsen Riding Club in Germany who have brought insanity in the middle to their schooling session by setting up a monstrous grid guaranteed to work that equine booty and then some.

Behold: the “mega row,” posted to Facebook by Lisanne Kriescher, that consists of 8 ground poles, 6 raised cavaletti, 18 crossrail bounces, 4 one stride verticals, finishing with two strides to an oxer. Phew.

Here’s a drive-by view of the whole thing:

Posted by Lisanne Kriescher on Saturday, October 27, 2018

Now let’s see how it’s done!

Posted by Lisanne Kriescher on Saturday, October 27, 2018