Boyd And Neville Rocking Out On NBC Tonight At 9pm ET [Updated]

Tune your televisions and DVRs to NBC at 9pm ET tonight to see what is sure to be a moving feature about Boyd Martin and Nevile Bardos for NBC’s Rock Center with Brian Williams.  As is usually the case with Boyd, you can expect a combination of moving insight and humor.  Boyd starts NBC’s preview video by describing Nev’s personality affectionately as “a bouncer at a night club that was throwing out someone for disorderly conduct.”  One thing is for certain–it’s going to be absolute must see TV.

[Preview Article and Video]

Go Boyd and Nev.

10:02pm Update: What a great performance by Boyd, Neville, and their team!  It was fantastic to see eventing so well represented on a national media scale.  I’m still looking for video of the full interview (please post in the comment section if you find it) but there are excerpts of outtakes of the interview posted here by NBC.


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