Check out P Dutty’s new ride at Pine Top

When Woodburn passed away last summer there was a big question in my mind as to who would emerge as Phillip Dutton’s top Olympic prospect.  ESJ broke the news late last year that Jim and Arden Wildsin purchased Mystery Whisper from Australia’s Heath Ryan for Phillip to ride and ESJ was firm in his sentiment that Mystery Whisper was the real deal.  I have definitely jumped on the Mystery Whisper train as this spring has progressed.  Phillip and Mystery Whisper scored a 37.5 in the advanced dressage at Pine Top this weekend, but I still believe strongly that Mystery Whisper will be Phillip’s best horse on the flat by late April.  Since Phillip almost always produces great jumping rounds at major competitions, Phillip’s best horse on the flat will likely be his best horse overall looking towards the Olympics.  Without further ado, Phillip and Mystery Whisper:

Jan Byyny with Why Not and Syd Kent show jumping in the advanced:
If you have videos from Pine Top, post the links in the comment section.  Go eventing.


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