EV114 Confidential: OMG How Do I Style My New Eventing-Legal Brown Helmet?

SO. FETCH. All available from Charles Owen.

Rejoice, fellow fashionistas! A downright REVOLUTIONARY addition to eventing rule EV114.5, passed at last week’s US Equestrian Annual Meeting, specifically allows brown helmets and helmet covers in dressage and show jumping. (See the complete US Equestrian eventing rules of dress starting on page 712 here.)

I haven’t been this excited about eventing headgear fashion since … um … I found and ordered this amazing crushed velvet pom-pom helmet cover from the UK last week — which may immediately discredit my style judgement to some of you reading this, but …

Thank you, Johnny Weir.

To eventing fashion progressives, that US Equestrian has finally conceded to allow us to wear radical brown protective headgear may seem like a small victory, and that’s because it is. But we’ll take what we can get, and we’ll be grateful.

You heathens can wear your brown devil helmets … I suppose.

Thank you, US Equestrian! Y’all so cray!

Anyway, so now that we’ve got this whole new world opened up to us …

… what do we wear them with? A few ideas:

The Coat: 

So many options! Go with something sleek in a tech-fabric, perhaps with some contrast details for added flair. Or stay warm in some oh-so-British tweed, especially stylish in the autumn. (Note: Tweed is permitted at Beginner Novice through Prelim horse trials levels only).

Top: Sarm Hippique Verbania Show Coat in navy (L); Kingsland Magritte Jacket in brown (R). Bottom: Larabee LL12 Tweed in brown donegal with red fleck (L), Larabee LL9 (R).

The Stock: 

Try a pretty cream colored stock with metallic brocade, or something in a tattersall pattern if your jacket isn’t too busy. Pair with an understated brass brooch — you can find some really neat antique ones on etsy.

Top: Metallic Gold Diamond Brocade (L), Red Tattersall (R). Bottom: Cream, Red & Tan Tattersall (L), Cream Metallic Polka Dot Brocade (R). All available from StyleStock.co.

Boots & britches: 

The Johnny Weir in me is screaming, “Push the envelope! Let’s bring canary breeches back! Let’s petition US Equestrian for rust!” But while canary seemed like it was having a moment a few years back, and I totally still drag my 20-year-old rust breeches out for special occasions, for now we must pick our battles. So tan it is, paired with some brown boots, cute matchy-matchy socks and a tasteful belt.

Tory Leather Dee Keeper Belt w/ Holding Strap in havana; Kerrits Shoe-In Wool Socks in ebony; Mountain Horse Sovereign Field Boots in brown; Piper Breeches by SmartPak in tan/black. All available from SmartPak.

Brown dressage tack is a bonus. That’s what I ride in so I don’t have to clean and remember to pack two bridles when I go to an event because it’s stylish, but don’t let black tack hold you back from taking the brown helmet plunge. In fact, never let anything hold you back. You do you, EN.

About the author: Wylie is an EN editor and highly unqualified eventing fashion critic who has been eliminated at least twice and got a stern talking to from the TD once for violating various statutes of EV114, but looked good doing it and that’s the important thing. Have a burning fashion question to be featured in an upcoming edition of “EV114 Confidential”? Ask the “expert” at [email protected]