Event Rider Masters Announces Riders for Final Two Legs

Andrew Nicholson and Nereo competing in the Barbury leg of ERM. Photo by Libby Law Photography. Andrew Nicholson and Nereo competing in the Barbury leg of ERM. Photo by Libby Law Photography.

We’re counting down to the final two legs of the Event Rider Masters series! By utilizing top notch promotion on social media, inviting the best riders in the world to compete, and take advantage of popular venues like Blenheim, Bramham and Barbury Castle, the series has attracted an incredible swath of viewers around the globe.

With the globally free streaming, condensed format (dressage on Saturday and show jumping/cross country on Sunday, limited to 40 riders) and kiss and cry podium banter, Event Rider Masters has brought eventing to a whole new audience.

It also provided a vital education leading up to Rio. If you were lucky enough to catch the first leg at Chatsworth when the French riders swept the podium, you probably weren’t as surprised as the rest of the world when they claimed Olympic team gold earlier this month.

The final two legs of the series are coming up, and the ERM has released the list of riders for both events.

The fifth leg of the series will commence this Saturday in conjunction with the Blair Castle International Horse Trials and will feature the following riders:

1 Burton, Christopher (AUS) Polystar 1
2 Price, Tim (NZL) Xzvier Faer
3 Rose, Shane (AUS) CP Qualified
4 Tattersall, Gemma Santiago Bay
5 Townend, Oliver Cillnabradden Evo
6 Price, Jonelle (NZL) Cloud Dancer II
7 Livio, Maxime (FRA) Pica D’or
8 Carlile, Thomas (FRA) Quiro Hoy
9 Tait, Blyth (NZL) Xanthus III
10 Tapner, Paul (AUS) Kilronan
11 Wilson, Nicola Bulana
12 Paget, Jonathan (NZL) Angus Blue
13 Levett, Bill (AUS) Shannondale Titan
14 Harris, Flora Cooley Lord Lux
15 Hoy, Bettina (GER) Seigneur Medicott
16 McEwen, Tom Diesel
17 Reid-Warrilow, Franky Dolley Whisper
18 Newton, Willa Neelix
19 Jocelyn, Dan (NZL) Phoenix L
20 Heath, Matthew The Lion
21 Innes Ker, Bella Carolyn
22 Wilmot, Olivia Zebedee de Foja
23 Harwood, Louise Whitson
24 Johnston, Kirsty WTTL Opposition Sky Law
25 Christie, Panda Braveheart IV
26 Craddock, Olivia Billy Liffy
27 Jackson, Lucy (NZL) Bosun II
28 Hall-Jackson, Kristina Lemington Let’s Dance
29 Gambirasio, Jasmin (SUI) That’s It II
30 Platt, Sophie Be Be III
31 Ashworth, Simon Sunny III
32 Nicholson, Rebecca Uno II
33 Preston, Katie Templar Justice
34 Rooke, Nicola Foreign Encounter
35 Pearson, Lucy Jack Cruise
36 Jackson Griffin, Polly Papillon

The sixth and final leg will be held in conjunction with Blenheim Palace International Horse Trials September 10-11, and today ERM revealed the starting list of riders:

1  Christopher Burton (AUS)
2  Tim Price (NZL)
3  Shane Rose (AUS)
4  Mark Todd (NZL)
5  Gemma Tattersall (GBR)
6  Oliver Townend (GBR)
7  Izzy Taylor (GBR)
8  Karin Donckers (BEL)
9  Bettina Hoy (GER)
10  Astier Nicolas (FRA)
11  Tina Cook (GBR)
12  Pippa Funnell (GBR)
13  Jonelle Price (NZL)
14  Cedric Lyard (FRA)
15  Thomas Carlile (GBR)
16  Blyth Tait (NZL)
17  Sarah Bullimore (GBR)
18  Paul Tapner (AUS)
19  William Fox-Pitt (GBR)
20  Nicola Wilson (GBR)
21  Jock Paget (NZL)
22  Laura Collett (GBR)
23  Bill Levett (AUS)
24  Sam Ecroyd (GBR)
25  Aoife Clark (IRL)
26  Flora Harris (GBR)
27  Lara de Liedekerke (BEL)
28  Ludwig Svennerstal (SWE)
29  Cathal Daniels (IRL)
30  Franky Reid-Warrilow (GBR)
31  Sarah Ennis (IRL)
32  Willa Newton (GBR)
33  Dan Jocelyn (NZL)
34  Jesse Campbell (NZL)
35  Beanie Sturgis (GBR)
36  Zara Tindall (GBR)
37  Joao Duarte Silva (POR)
38  Alex Whewall (GBR)
39  Gina Ruck (GBR)

We’re looking forward to a thrilling event with a fantastic lineup from Event Rider Masters!

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