Fair Hill Draw Order Posted: Sinead Halpin, Boyd Martin Kick Off Action

Boyd Martin and Welcome Shadow. Photo by Jenni Autry. Boyd Martin and Welcome Shadow. Photo by Jenni Autry.

A total of 82 horses in the CCI2* and 65 in the CCI3* will start the competition this week at the Dutta Corp Fair Hill International. The draw order for competitors has been posted, and it’ll be Sinead Halpin (CCI2*, Grey Area) and Boyd Martin (CCI3*, Welcome Shadow) who will be the first we’ll see in the dressage rings on Thursday.

Entries for the CCI2* are quite a bit lower than the 2014 numbers, where five combinations were still wait listed on draw order day. Entries are slightly up from 2014’s 60 for the CCI3*. We’ll also see some talented young horses as the East Coast Young Event Horse Championships will be held this weekend.

We’ll see 17 horses in the 4-year-old YEH division and 37 in the 5-year-old division — plenty of exciting up and coming talent to remember for the future! Jessica Brumfield and Landmark’s Mocachino will be the first to go in the 4-year-old class and Alyssa Peterson and Ready Or Not will be the first of the 5-year-olds.

Action kicks off this week on Wednesday with the First Horse Inspection for the CCI divisions. We’ll then move on to two days of dressage on Thursday and Friday as well as the Young Event Horse Championships, which will be held over two days.

Jenni and I will both be on site for Fair Hill, so stay tuned for much more from Maryland!

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