Friday News & Notes from Kentucky Equine Research

I’ve been pretty fortunate to have an upper level horse who thinks jogs are the most boring thing ever who I sometimes have to convince that no, this is not stupid, and yes, now that you’re motivated, you still need to listen to my snaffle bit even if I’m not actually on him. Still, hijinks are generally at a minimum, so I have to laugh when I see what looks like horse-shaped kites making their way down the jog strip.

Events This Week:

#RK3DE Links: Website, Schedule, Ride Times, Live Scores, EN’s Coverage, EN’s Ultimate Guide to Rolex, Live Stream, EN’s Twitter, EN’s Instagram

Fresno County Horse Park HT: [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times]

University of New Hampshire Spring HT: [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times]

Loudoun Hunt Pony Club Spring HT: [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times]

News From Around the Globe:

Don’t miss this special bonus column from EN guest writer William Micklem! Does size matter? William examines horses in history that might have been overlooked due to their small size had it not been for their extraordinary athletic ability. [Does Size Matter?]

For real. Download the EN App. This is your final reminder to download it. Actually no, just kidding. You’ll be repeatedly reminded for a while. [App for iOS] [App for Android]

PRO officially is being incorporated into the ERA umbrella. Effective as of now, the Professional Rider’s Organization will now become the North American branch of the Eventing Riders Association. The ERA membership will be open to all riders, with three different levels of membership to fit everyone’s needs. [ERA of NA Announces Launch]

Here’s just a big list of links you might have missed. [A Maxime Livio Photo Gallery] [Missing Maya] [7 Reasons Why You Don’t Have to Be Sad You’re Missing Rolex] [It Inspires You To Be Better] [You Don’t Ride the Papers] [Faudree Is Back] [Badminton First Timers: Katherine Coleman]

The horses at Rolex are so shiny, you could almost use them as a mirror. I’ll let you in on a huge secret product that all the grooms use in the lead-up to Rolex to get that high-definition shine and dapples for days. It’s elbow grease. That’s right, with a bit of forearm strength, a little rubber curry comb, and some daily dedication, your horse too could look ready to tackle a four-star in April. [SmartPak Product of the Day]

Hey Smarty Pants! Play KER Equine Nutrition Trivia at Rolex XC

Are you an equine nutrition whiz kid? Visit Kentucky Equine Research (KER) at tailgate tent D212 on XC to test your knowledge and win prizes! Even if you don’t want to play, step into the KER “lab” at D212 for free water, food, and fun giveaways.

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