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Happy enjoying his winter vacation! Photo courtesy of Phillip Dutton Eventing.

Happy enjoying his winter vacation! Photo courtesy of Phillip Dutton Eventing.

Even Olympic champs get to roll in the mud and then lead their groom around the farm, as seen here by Mighty Nice, or Happy as he is known. A really great part of being an event horse is how the vast majority of them get big chunks of the year to just go out in a field and get back to being a horse, and be filthy and eat tons of grass. Don’t forget that voting is still open for the 2016 USEF International Horse of the Year through January 4th! You can vote for Happy, click here!

News From Around the Globe:

After a seriously intense Twitter battle for the 2016 EquiRatings Horse of the Year, Alex Hua Tian’s Don Geniro emerged as the commanding winner with 57% of the vote. The Don, as he is known, averages a 41.9 in dressage, has had 22 international appearances, and has never incurred a cross country penalty in any of them. This year he won the Event Rider Masters leg at Bramham 3* on his dressage score of 40.1, and also finished 8th individually at the Olympics, all in his 9-year-old year! [Don Geniro Wins EquiRatings HOTY]

#ForRealThough Moment of the Day: Winter: A Love/Hate Relationship

USEA Top Fifteen Photos Of 2016

Throwback Thursday is at least one good tradition that came out of 2016, and COTH is here to celebrate it with us. They’ve been in publication for over 75 years, and they can really throw it back. Top TBT moments from 2016 include a Thoroughbred jumping 7’5″, the 1948 Olympic Show Jumping team in their training sessions, grand prix riders on teeny tiny ponies, and George Morris advice galore. [Top TBT 2016]

Best of Blogs: Unicorn, Found

Sometimes you just have to have a jacket that comes down below your knees to survive the day. Even better, when this jacket is also designed to spread out into a cool skirt so you can have your own blanket while your riding, and protect your legs from the bitter cold! This Mountain Horse Adventure Parka is a warm waterproof, windproof and breathable fabric with many functional riding detail for optimal comfort. Don’t leave home without one this winter! [SmartPak Product of the Day]

Four star horses like to be ridden bareback and bridle less too: