Friday Video From World Equestrian Brands: Norfolk Hunt With the Galway Blazers

Have you ever dreamed of galloping madly across clover-green Irish fields, hanging on for dear life over stone walls and ditches, in hot pursuit of fox and hound?

Some members of Norfolk Hunt Club, a drag hunt based in Dedham, Massachusetts, enjoyed the Valentine’s Day experience of a lifetime: an outing with Ireland’s legendary Galway Blazers.

This helmet cam’s narrator from Cooper’s Hill Equine sounds like quite the character, and you just want to reach out and grab a fistful of his mount’s wind-whipped mane. With hours of hunting consolidated into some 17 minutes of footage, the video gives a glimpse into an authentic mud-splattered, every-man-for-himself Irish hunting experience.

Eventing sidenote: Norfolk member Julie Wheeler was awarded the Charles Owen Technical Merit Award at the 2016 USEA Annual Meeting and Convention in December. Check out this lovely profile of Julie in Covertside here. Congrats, Julie!