Good Hair Days & Smiles Abound at Rebecca Farm First Horse Inspection

Alyssa Phillips and Bliss III in the CCI3*. Photo by Leslie Wylie.

The sun was shining down on the Event at Rebecca Farm today as the FEI, NAJYRC and USEA Classic Series divisions took to the runway for the first horse inspection. It’s absolutely breathtaking out here — green grass stretching for miles, dramatic blue peaks on the horizon, and a warm, hair-tussling breeze.

Looking easy-breezy-beautiful out there, competitors! Love all the smiles. We’ve on the front end of a long weekend in eventing paradise … what’s not to smile about, really?

Holly Jacks-Smither and More Inspiration in the CCI3*. Photo by Leslie Wylie.

Jenn McFall and High Times in the CIC3*. Photo by Leslie Wylie.

In addition to CCI3*, CIC3*, CCI2* and CCI1* FEI divisions, Rebecca Farm is hosting NAJYRC eventing as well as Novice and Training Three-Days, both of which attracted dozens of entries. The first horse inspection took the better part of the day, wrapping after 5 p.m., a testament to the success of this destination event.

There were an unusually large number of holds across the board, a nerve-wracking situation for all the horses and riders who have traveled such a distance to get here, but most were given the all clear upon re-presentation.

The CCI3* division is small, numbering fewer than 10, but mighty. Two pairs, Andrea Baxter and Indy 500 and Erin Sylvester and Paddy the Caddy, were held but passed upon reinspection. Clayton Fredericks did not present FE Ophelia. AEN’s in-house fortune teller Maggie Deatrick used some combination of calculator and crystal ball to deduce a watch-list of pairs with an eye on the win — have a look at her CCI3* predictions here.

The CIC3* field is a bit larger and a stocked pond of horse/rider combinations hailing from both sides of the country. Clara Cargile, Ashlyn Dorsey and RF Kinetic and White Indian and Allison Sparks and Mystic Mojo were sent to the hold but passed upon reinspection.

Fun fact: the three-star roster is dominated by ladies, with only one fellow in the mix!

Ronald Zabala-Goetschel looking cool with arm candy Wundermaske. Photo by Leslie Wylie.

With so many divisions running simultaneously, it’s a challenge to keep up with everything that is going on! The Future Event Horse and Young Event Horse divisions wrapped up today and the horse trials divisions completed dressage. The CCI1*, Novice and Training Three-Days as well as some horse trial divisions get moving tomorrow, with dressage for the two- and three-star FEI divisions to follow on Friday.

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