2012 Galway Downs CCI3* Results

James Alliston and Tivoli at Twin Rivers. Photo by Taren Atkinson.


Double-clear rounds were not to be had today in the three-star show jumping at Galway.  Phillip Dutton and Atlas came close, leaving the rails up but going just a touch slow to pick up 3 time faults.  James Alliston had a rail on both Parker and Jumbo’s Jake, giving Tivoli the luxury of one rail to save his lead.  Michael Pollard also had a rail on Schoensgreen Hanni, but hung on for third as Buck had two down and Jolie Wentworth had four faults with GoodKnight.


The CCI3* Final Results:

1.  James Alliston / Tivoli  +4  53.4

2.  James Alliston / Jumbo +4  56.6

3.  Michael Pollard / Schoensgreen Hanni  +4  57.2

4.  Jolie Wentworth / GoodKnight  +4   60.6

5.  Buck Davidson / The Apprentice  +8   64.2

6.  James Allison / Parker  +4  68.8

7.  Hawley Bennett-Awad / Gin & Juice  +8   72.0

8.  Phillip Dutton / Atlas  +3    97.2



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