Brian O’Connor: Setting up for Rolex

Rolex 2013-  The week before!


From Brian:


I have been here for the past 4 days getting the sound system ready for our eventing “Super Bowl” and boy have we had the weather to talk about.  Our first day of set up it was 80 degrees and we got sunburned and wind burned out the wazoo!  That night we had a downburst storm that took a 40′ x 80′ tent and tossed it into the main arena!  Yup–aluminum, speakers, wiring, supports, tenting…all crumpled up into a ball and thrown into the middle of the dressage arena–battle zone at 6AM!  So, a new tent was ordered, we picked up our damaged pieces  and moved on. Great staff and workers got the mess cleaned up, and off we go.  The next two days were brutally cold and windy, I could not even get wire up into the trees because of the 40mph winds!  So, Sunday was better and the Kentucky Horse Park is starting to really green up and the fences are really starting to get finalized.  The Head of the Lake is as big and daunting as ever with a big drop in on the direct route, the Sunken Road is gonna take a very straight line, the  Hollow is tough and offset too, the new brushes in the infield are great to look at and will take an honest horse who loves to go STRAIGHT, and the coffin is as tough as last year. Other than that, should be just an 11-minute walk in the park, eh?


I saw the ever-present and great EN reporter Samantha looking for information for you…and even saw the first horse grazing across the field, don’t know who, but a grey.  The flower ladies are out and about and decorating the course.  Tyson is doing what he does best: carving out animals out of trees…the rabbits look like they have arrived from Peter’s lair.  Rolex is waiting….come on down and drive safely. No matter what Wofford says…I know you will all do your best and enjoy our finest 4* event in the nation…the Eventing Nation.




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