Hamish Cargill’s Blog, Part 1

I’m pretty excited about our new guest blogger, Hamish Cargill, although I can’t really take the credit as it was John and Samantha who orchestrated Hamish’s grand entrance into the EN spotlight. Regardless, judging by this first post, I’m happy to introduce what could possibly be the best guest blogger of all time here on Eventing Nation. You can find much more from Hamish at his awesome website. Welcome to the team, Hamish!

Samantha Clark photo

From Hamish:

I’ve had my fair share of exciting experiences in life. I’ve jumped out of a plane, ridden around four star, traveled widely and been on TV. But I have to admit that getting my own patch of turf on Eventing Nation is one of the most exciting things to ever happen to me, and until I win Rolex, Badminton, an Oscar or the lottery, I think it’s going to stay that way. 

They don’t give away these guest blogging spots easily. Like diamonds, hen’s teeth and dressage judges scoring 10′s, a guest blogging spot is a rare thing that’s only handed out on special occasions. Because of this I feel extremely privileged and honored to have gotten a call up and promise to do all I can to be a positive addition to the phenomenon that is Eventing Nation.
Avid readers of Eventing Nation may have heard of me before. Somehow I’ve managed to endear myself to those who wield power here at EN, and in comparison to my successes on the world stage I feel dangerously overexposed. When I was at Rolex earlier in the year I wrote a piece about my trip from Australia to Kentucky with my horse Sandhills Tiger. I sent it to some friends back home, and before long it turned up on these pages. Embarrassingly, it just happened to get posted on the same afternoon as Mark Todd (that’s the really, really famous, really, really tall MARK TODD) won Badminton for the 53rd time. Excellent timing – my little story about a plane ride gets posted after the Badminton report and suddenly I’m bumping the great man off his prime spot, stealing his thunder and pretty much doing everything except drinking his champagne.
Actually, that happened more recently. A few weeks ago – just soon after my arrival in the UK – I went to a barbeque hosted by Julian Stiller, an American eventer who has a lovely place here and who I had never met before. On arrival at this party – were a smattering of the world’s best young riders and a couple of famous old ones were letting their hair down – I was introduced to the host. She shook my hand politely, and as the cogs quickly whirred in her head she realized two things about me. That (a) I wasn’t actually invited; and (b) that she remembered me after all. “Ohhh, you’re the guy that John from Eventing Nation writes about all the time,” she says without excitement, pegging me now not only as a gate-crasher but also a publicity thief. As I pray furiously for a deep hole in the ground to open up so I can jump into it to escape the embarrassment, my good mate Chris Burton extravagantly  pops the top off a beer, watches it sail into the perfectly manicured garden and exclaims “Don’t worry about that, I’ll get it in the morning.” It’s a beautiful piece of social lifesaving, and together we carry on our mission to improve the image of the Australian male in all corners of the globe.

Despite all of this, I’m obviously extremely grateful for the coverage that Eventing Nation has given me over the past 12 months. Quite rightfully, they’d never heard of me until I arrived at the WEG as one half of ‘Hamish and Dave’. We were the Australian equestrian federation’s behind-the-scenes reporting team that scoured Lexington and the Horse Park searching for hard-news stories but instead kept popping up with cameras rolling at bourbon tastings, fur stores and in front of bad-tempered security guards whose sense of humour had been digested with the last burger they ate. More recently, I was in Kentucky during April competing at the Rolex Three Day Event, and while I went home to ride the rest of the team my Rolex mount Sandhills Tiger enjoyed a vacation in Kentucky where he entertained himself by snacking on fried-chicken and making rude comments about people who shop at Walmart.
In early July Tiger flew to England via Dublin, Ireland, and has been based with Chris Burton – who now has his team of horses in the UK in the yard of Australian eventer Sam Griffiths and his wife Lucy – ever since. I arrived in the UK almost three weeks ago, and was stoked to meet up with EN’s very own Samantha Clark at the two events I’ve competed at so far at Wilton and Gatcombe. The most exciting thing is I’m off to France next week to compete at their World Cup event at Haras du Pin, before Tiger and I hopefully take our place in the field at Burghley at the beginning of September.

It’s an exciting time to be in the UK, and it’s an exciting time to be writing for Eventing Nation.

See you somewhere out there.




  • yay! says:

    Go Hamish! Can’t wait to read more.

  • SMG says:

    Yeah! I’m a huge Hamish fan…stalked him a bit at WEG..ha, ha. What a great addition to the already excellent EN team. Can’t wait to read more from Hamish and about his adventures. Will be routing for him and Tiger from here in Western New York.

  • CherylP says:

    Great addition to the team! Welcome Hamish! Love your wit and sense of humor!

    One of the most important things EN has brought to my world is the inside story of so many riders in the Eventing World. Because of EN, I readily recognize riders and horses on every entry list – in the US as well as outside the US (and have an idea of what they’ve been thru to get to that entry list!) – this site has really allowed me to connect to this great sport!

    And yes, I admit it – it IS my homepage and yes I do have a special Safari ICON on my Iphone for it! It’s just the fastest place to catch Eventing news, find live scoring, see great photos (Samantha – you are amazing and an extra hooray for your kids!)… well, just sayin’ it again – keep it up!

  • Carried Away says:

    Yay for Hamish! You are hilarious!

  • KMcD says:

    Hamish you will be a great addition to the EN Team! I’ve enjoyed your blogs and videos during WEG and Rolex. Though do miss your pal Dave. I’ve also been following your current blog and it’s a real hoot. You need your own TV show and should write a book too. Good luck to you and Tiger at Burghley I will be cheering you both on from NYC!


  • Kirsten says:

    a good addition, indeed

  • beth cannon says:

    Hamish, I think I’m in love! Not only are you a hoot but you are so articulate and can actually write beautifully!!! Good luck and keep the blog coming!!! Your greatest admirer, Beth

  • Laurel says:

    YAY!! Glad to see you are a guest blogger! Have been following your UK adventure blog and also love your articles in Equestrian Life mag in Oz!

    Good Luck at the upcoming events!


  • Pixizone says:

    Hello, we will be happy to see you at Haras du Pin for the world cup. we are the press officer of this event. We hope you will enjoy the competition!

  • Beth Collier says:

    I read your website blog, and after calling the National Martime Museum in Greenwich a “crap museum”, I hope you realize you might be added to the Do-Not-Let-Him-Come-Back list at the airport.

  • sophie says:

    That great all you need to do is use it! Hahalol:)

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