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Good morning Eventing Nation!

Are you hung over from all the Rolex coverage? Or how about that cancellation of Badminton? Has your brain pieced itself together after its explosion? Have you set you sights on the Derby now that there’s nothing else to do this Saturday? Well, Eventing Nation, I will bring you the best coverage from MDCTA that you’ve ever seen. That’s where I’ll be on Saturday. Are you riding, coaching, spectating, volunteering? I’d love to see you, meet you, get to know you, wish you good luck, plot with you how to change that blasted girl in first’s watch so she misses her ride, the list goes on. And here’s a shout out to our own Abby Gibbon: I’d like to meet you too. I don’t appreciate how you ignore me in the EN compound hallways. HA. Let’s move on before this takes a real turn for the ridiculous.

Well, if you didn’t make it to Rolex in person, and wish you had, think about making it to your hotel room in Lexington, KY, but not making it to the Kentucky Horse Park. Much worse, no? Now add fierce and unrelenting nausea and vomiting. I bet you’re pretty happy you got to see the coverage here on EN and the USEF Network. Our hearts go out to Beth at the Chronicle. Love the story, feel terrible about the content. [COTH] [Her co-worker’s take on the ordeal]

 Sam Griffiths blogs about his last thoughts before Badminton this weekend… Oh, wait. But he does let us know all about the current goings-on. Seems like they’re doing quite well over there. Every other sentence seemed to be about one of their horses in a top placing. Must be those FLAIR strips! He does mention though how he stood out at a jumper show in his eventing garb. [FLAIR blog]

Mark Todd hasn’t left the 2012 Games out of sight due to the injury of his Badminton champ, NZB Land Vision. Even without the horse he holds dear to his heart as Charisma, he’s still Mark Todd. Sarah Harris, the high performance director for the Kiwi team, outlines Todd’s other top horses. NZB Campino tops the list, but NZB Grass Valley and Major Milestone are right there as well. Of NZB Campino, Mark says, “[he] is very good in all phases, too”, and he’s aimed the horse at the Chatsworth 3star. Harris calls the Greenwich course more of a 3star than a 4star, so Campino, being a younger horse, can likely step up to the challenge. [Stuff]

This is pretty cool. Where my Steven Spielbergs and Martin Scorseses at? British Eventing is launching a digital campaign. “Eventing Cinema” is the topic with the winning footage to be played at Burghley. The winner will also take home £1000 of photographic equipment, and nine runners up will relieve tickets to 2013 Burghley. Winners are decided by stomping? [Burghley]

 Blair Castle is vying to host the 2015 European Championships. The Scottish hosts are up against Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, and Poland for the bid. The UK is hoping to secure the bid to carry on the tradition of world class sport after 2012; they already have a World Gymnastics Championship on the calendar for 2015. They want to work closely with the FEI to ensure a terrific event and inspire a new generation of riders. The decision will be made this June. [Horsetalk]

 Well, I wish Lauren Sprieser a good weekend. She’s got 41 clients competing. Makes Phillip and Boyd’s schedules look like child’s play. She’s got a plan though. [Check it out]

Has your inner Tim Gunn been dying to get out? Well, you know those dressage folks are fashion divas, and they’ve got a contest for you!  Dressage Today and a slew of sponsors have created Project Centerline 2012, a fashion design competition. You can design the rider’s wear in competition, the jog outfits, even shipping boots! [Project Centerline]

What are you up to this spring? The folks over at Smartpak have blogged a little about getting the mud off their horses and getting out into the fields or show rings. Several eventers work for Smartpak and have shared their outings. You know that Smartpak has us eventers in mind too. [Smartpak blog]

We have to agree with out HorseNation counterparts: Sheldon Russell’s accent is pretty cool. The 24 year old is riding in his first Kentucky Derby this weekend. [HN]

 Best of the Blogs: Doug Payne does a quick recap of his Rolex experience. It’s short and concise, and you get the feeling he’s still walking on air from realizing his 4* dreams with such a cool horse.

And… your video …You’ll just have to use energy clicking the mouse: Some awesome ENers having a blast at the Point 2 booth at Rolex. (via Hannah Ross)

Well, Eventing Nation, if you’re looking to buy a tall, dark, and handsome training level event horse, call Ryan Wood. (Shameless!)

Go eventing.


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