Raf Kooreman’s Cavalor Demeter Sold to America

via Raf’s website and military-boekelo.nl

The USA has added yet another major Olympic contending horse to our arsenal.  Raf Kooreman of the Netherlands has confirmed the sale of his own Cavalor Demeter to America on his website.  Cavalor Demeter has placed in the top five of two CCI3*’s this year and competed for the Netherlands at the European Championships.  The horse looked to be Raf’s top candidate to compete in London by winning the dressage at Boekelo and finishing with just a simple rider error run-out on the cross-country.  Demeter is a 9 year old Warmblood mare.  [Demeter’s Record

From what I have heard the money was too much to pass up, but Raf still has three other potential horses to compete at the Olympics next year including the newly acquired Chase the Moon from *Piggy French.  Raf raised Demeter from starting her first event up through the three star level.  The word is that the horse was purchased for show jumping’s eventing convert Marilyn Little-Meredith.

Cavalor Demeter:

Demeter joins a growing list of potential Olympic horses that have been purchased for US riders over the past six months including Mr. Medicott (Karen O’Connor), Charlie Weld (Jules Stiller), Fernhill Gloster Rebel (Will Faudree), the rumored sale of Mystery Whisper for Phillip to ride at the Olympics. 

Update: To confirm the sale of Mystery Whisper, Australia’s The Horse confirms “Mystery Whisper has been sold to clients of Phillip Dutton – and as part of the deal, Phillip will have the ride on the horse in the trials for the US eventing team to go to the London Games next year.”  Many thanks to EN tipster Skippy for the link and as usual I’m glad that our readers know more than I do.  Mystery Whisper is in my opinion Phillip’s top Olympic candidate–the horse can lay down a serious low 40′s dressage test and Phillip will be able to make the time with it.

*Correction courtesy of Uptown Eventing–Chase the Moon was produced by Piggy French, not Pippa Funnel.  The horse is staying with its existing owner and now being ridden by Raf.

Go eventing.



  • Polly says:

    Holy smoke, I can’t wait to see all these new ponies at the Aiken training sessions! John, any dates available yet? Will you be there? ;)

  • eventer123 says:

    What a lovely horse, USA is going to have quite a team, all on horses bought at the last moment. What is wrong with our program here, that the riders cannot bring up their own to that level, and have them be sound and competitive?

  • Wowza says:

    Demeter makes that course look like a little hunter round. Interested to see what MLM does with it, as she usually rides the hotter horses. Looks like a much quieter ride. Diggin’ that horse!

  • JER says:

    Interesting that this mare got 20 jumping pens at each of her last two CCI***s. Language like ‘simple rider error run-out’ doesn’t change the fact that the horse did not go clear — she added over 40 points to her dressage score at both venues, including rails and time in SJ.

    Does the US team/list need another flash dressage horse who isn’t always clear on XC? Yet this is what gets called a ‘major Olympic contending horse’ these days.

    It’s not like it went clear around Burghley. Or even Rolex. Or perhaps both.

  • lurker says:

    Yes it is exciting, but also very sad. I can understand the odd rider buying a horse for the sole purpose of having a horse ready for the olympics but it would appear that a lot of the team riders have bought their ticket on to the selection criteria. Very telling as to the state of the program in the country. Typical american fashion. If they cannot produce something, they buy it. It is all so desperate.

  • agree says:

    Yep thats how we do it here we buy our way into the Olympics and the hard working people who bring there horses up there selves get left out.

  • TBEventer says:

    Wow, that mare is a brilliant jumper! She cruised around that course so casually!

  • lurker says:

    We have riders in this country not trainers. Perhaps that IS the program. The chosen few get to ride the horses that others produce. Better choose which path you want to take, either be wealthy (or have wealthy friends) to buy your career or be a trainer who sells horses to those special few who will always make the teams. In this country, it is rare that you have both wearing the same boots.

  • Elaine says:

    This is smelling worse and worse the more it happens. It was bad enough that Karen (and PD I guess but he still does a ton of UL catch riding so it worried me less) feels entitled to ride for the US on a horse she’ll have had for less than a full competition year but now MLM expects to as well. She’s never even done a four star and she’ll have been eventing for less than two years. I know it’s always been all about the money but now it really feels all about the money. It’s a little gross.

    The funny thing is all this US gluttony makes Nina and her family’s quest to represent Thailand at the Olympics seem rather charming by comparison.

  • on glue says:

    If you seriously think that MLM has even a prayer to make the team with that horse you are on glue…this horses record is not very good and MLM is way too inexperienced….if she thinks she has a chance and bought it with hopes of making the team then she wasted a lot of money and is on glue…simply put karen o’connor on mr medicot have an outside chance but still have to prove themselves even with his great record and her experience …mlm has no or very little cross country experience and with lots of options she will rank very low on the selector list…I will give odds and take bets…maybe web 2014 but not London

  • Anonymous says:

    On glue, respectful, bet she does make it. If she has a sound horse….she ill be on the short list. Don’t kid yourself. At least, on the plus side, she can ride!

  • Elaine says:

    Something about “the offer you can’t refuse” has always made me a little sad.

    Yes the seller gets the cash, but many times, I suspect they’d rather have not gotten the offer because they really didn’t want to sell a dream but have to be practical.

    Of course, maybe that’s not the case in any of these transactions but sometimes it feels like the buyer with the big $ is going out and buying someone else’s dream.

    Yes it’s business, but it’s also sport and these are also animals that people are attached to like pets sometimes. It would be like someone offering me $500,000 for my dog. I’d have to take it but really I’d rather not know about the offer and keep my dog.

  • Tam says:

    Elaine…your comments about Nina and the Thai quest are spot on. This IS a little gross. And how come Will Faudree always gets a pass? Has he ever brought up a 4-star horse? Or were they all bought and going?

  • lec says:

    It is very rare for a rider to sell their ‘dream’ horse unless the money is life changing. I think its good for eventing that horses are being sold for good money as means good producers of young horses can make a living.

  • Elaine says:

    I think the money is life changing for a lot of people and I think it happens a lot. We just know more about the various partnerships now because of the good old internet.

  • Bond Lyte says:

    Everyone ought to close their mouth for a minute and realize this is what Equestrian sport is! Why is everyone getting sentimental about the buying and selling of horses? Do you think WFP doesn’t have an expensive horse thrown at him from time to time? Even mary King, though she is riding a homebred, had both her Cavalier horses bought for her. They are the best riders in the world right now and have been on the GB team for decades. We need more depth, we need more riders with multiple horses. This will only strengthen our team.

  • RGC says:

    Tam, as an avid event supporter, Will Faudree has brought up a four star horse in Both Pawlow and Andromaque. Pawlow was a horse that had been passed around barns while he was a yound training level horse and Will believed in him and has done 2 four stars. Andromaque had gone OI in Ireland BUT very unsuccessful.

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