Update on Marilyn Little and RF Demeter

Marilyn Little and RF Demeter at The Fork. Photo by Jenni Autry.

Marilyn Little suffered a Grade 3 separation of her right shoulder on Sunday when a young horse fell with her during a jump school in Ocala. While Marilyn has been hospitalized and the injury is serious, she still hopes to ride RF Demeter at Rolex later this week. The following information about the injury has just been released:

From the press release:

Marilyn Little sustained an injury when a young horse fell during a weekend jump school session on April 21st in Ocala, Florida. Following a series of tests, an overnight stay in Ocala Regional Hospital, and a subsequent consultation with specialists at The Orthopedic Institute at Gainesville, she has been diagnosed with a Grade 3 separation of her right shoulder. Marilyn has been in close contact with USOC Medical Consultant Dr Mark Hart, who has arranged to meet with her on Thursday of this week in Lexington. Meanwhile, she remains optimistic about this weekend and reports she is feeling better by the day.

Marilyn will arrive at the Kentucky Horse Park with RF Demeter, her entry for the Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event, in time for the horse to be presented to the Ground Jury for the first Veterinary Inspection.

RF Demeter will be accompanied by four other horses that will be present during the week of Rolex to continue their training programs as usual before departures for their own selected European competitions, including RF Smoke on the Water and Mr Medicott. Marilyn’s dressage time with RF Demeter is Friday 2:50pm.

We originally had heard this morning that Marilyn would not compete at Rolex due to being hospitalized, but it now appears that there’s a very good chance she will still ride later this week. Marilyn said her shoulder feels better every day, and we wish her a very speedy recovery. Go Marilyn.


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