It’s Jersey Fresh Time

Just when Rolex Fever’s starting to subside, Jersey Fresh is upon us. And with an entry list chock-full of past WEG or PanAm horses and Olympic hopefuls, it’s shaping up to be a pretty influential weekend.

To give you a taste, in the CCI 3* we’ve got Philip on Mystery Whisper, Buck on Reggie, Michael on Hanni and Jude’s Law, Hawley on 5 O’Clock Somewhere and Selena on Columbo.

In the CIC 3*: Boyd on Neville and Trading Aces, Buck on The Apprentice, Will on Pawlow and DHI Colour Candy, Rebecca on Riddle Master, Jessica on Exponential, Hawley on Ginny and Hannah on Harbor Pilot.

Not to mention the CCI 2* (Jennie on Indie, Boyd on Merging and Crackerjack) and CIC 2* (Jan on Why Not, Karen on Mandiba and RF Amber Eyes).

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Tentative Schedule:  

Wednesday, May 9
11:00 Briefing
Cross Country Courses Open
2:00 First Horse Inspection

Thursday, May 10
8:40 Test ride CIC 2*
9:00 Dressage CIC 2* (approx 12 rides)
1:00 Dressage CCI 2* (approx 20 rides)
5:00 Barbeque at Ricks Saddle Shop

Friday, May 11
8:10 Test ride CIC 3*
8:30 Dressage CIC 3* (approx 24 rides)
1:00 Dressage CCI 3* (approx 14 rides)
5:00 Riders’ Meeting, followed by wine and cheese reception
presented by Cavalor

Saturday, May 12
9:00 Cross Country; Order: CCI 2*, CCI 3*, CIC 3*, CIC 2*
6:00 Dinner and Silent Auction – Competitors Tent

Sunday, May 13
8:00 Second Horse Inspection
10:30 Show Jumping in the Grand Prix Ring: CIC 2*
11:30 DVCTA Patriotic Musical Quadrille East Ring
12:00 Show Jumping CCI 2*
12:30 Awards CIC 2*, CCI 2*
1:15 Jousting Demonstration East Ring
2:00 Show Jumping CCI 3*
3:00 Show Jumping CIC 3*
4:00 Awards CCI 3*, CIC 3*

Keep it tuned to EN: I’m headed up to Allentown this evening for the duration. Go Jersey.


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