Karen Stives’ Wednesday News and Notes from Horse Quencher

Barn sunrises are the best kind of sunrises, obviously

Do you know who Karen Stives is? Read this article from The Horse Channel and you will. She was the US individual silver and team gold medalist at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics with Ben Arthur. In the article she recounts what it’s like to ride for the US on an Olympic team and win a bet against master coach Jack LeGoff.  The article is about Olympic experiences and also highlights Kerry Millikin and Margie Engle. In case you were wondering, the Olympics begin in 261 days. The London website has a handy countdown on the homepage so if you’re really excited like me you can stay on top of things with a lot less calendar shuffling.

On the subject of the Olympics, the show jumpers are still unhappy with the arena footing. The Horse Show of the Year last month was the second official test of the footing and riders still feel that is it too deep. There will be a third test later this year in a replicated arena off-grounds. On a side note it will take 8,000 tons of footing to furnish all the arenas for the event next year. [Horse and Hound]

The new USEF drug restrictions on NSAIDs go into effect on December 1. As a recap, the new rules dictate that only one of the seven approved anti-inflammatory drugs is allowed to be present in the same urine and plasma sample.  The detection time for these seven NSAIDs has been reduced to three days from seven. Vets are allowed to administer Flunixin for colic and ophthalmic emergencies, accompanied by a medical report and a 24-hour withdrawal from competition. [The Horse]

Mitsubishi Motors is the first sponsor to win The Jacksons Limited Eventing Award presented at the Animal Health Trust UK Equestrian Awards. The ceremony celebrates equestrian achievements in the United Kingdom in eight categories. Previous winners of the Eventing award include Zara Phillips, Pippa Funnell, and Mary King. [British Eventing

Exhibiting standard behavior, a man in in Lancaster, PA attempted to steal an on-duty police horse named Charlie. Charlie’s officer didn’t notice his horse was missing for about 15 minutes, by which time Charlie was a block away being led by the perpetrator- who had tied the reins around his waist. Yes, you read that right. [Horsetalk]

The USEA Classic Series just announced the winners of the year-end prize drawing for all classic three-day winners. Stackhouse saddles! One year supply of SmartPaks! Want to win next year? Start conditioning now, long live steeple chase. [USEA]

A little over two weeks ago a New York City carriage horse collapsed and died a few blocks away from his stable. The situation has become a controversy over allegations from the ASPCA of abuse and chronic health problems that were left untreated.  The preliminary results of the necropsy show no signs of abuse according to the vet who performed the procedure. The situation is a mess of conflicting veterinary statements and offended governing bodies, but hopefully this will be resolved and all carriage horses will receive the care they deserve. [Horsetalk]

EN offers condolences to the family of international dressage judge Wolfgang Niggli, who died in Switzerland at age 89. Niggli rode his first competition in 1937 (!) and has enjoyed a long career both riding and serving the FEI ever since. He remained an honorary member of the FEI Bureau until his death. Rest in peace. [Horsetalk]

We are also sending thoughts to Eric Lamaze and all those within Hickstead’s family.  His death is a terrible tragedy, one that no one should ever experience. A post-mortem exam is being performed and results will be released to the public after private parties are informed of the cause of death.  [The Horse]

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Happy Wednesday! Go eventing.



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