Loving Your Post-Ride Picture

Photo courtesy of Hannah Addington.

“No, I can’t post that because I’m all sweaty!” I don’t know how many times I have thought or said that when trying to figure out what picture I was going to use for that day’s social media post. If you scroll through someones Instagram or Facebook, you may not notice that something is missing. Riders very rarely post pictures of themselves that were taken after they got off their horse.

I’m not talking about pictures showcasing ribbons or showing off the aftermath of a fall. I’m talking about the pictures that showcase the sweat and dirt you acquire after a hard ride or a day full of barn chores. Sure you may rather post a picture or video of why you are all sweaty and dirty, but don’t be afraid of posting a sweaty selfie once in a while. We all know that people who workout in boring non-riding ways love to post them.

We all know the most genuine smiles come right after a great ride or amazing accomplishment at the barn. Why not show it off? So what if you are covered in sweat and your hair is a mess. We all sweat and get messy when we ride! If you stay spotless at the barn, did you really do anything?

Showing off the sweat, dirt, and sometimes (OK, most of the time) horse slobber you pick up through the day shows you worked hard and put effort into whatever you were doing. As riders, we are always trying to prove that we don’t just sit there. Why not have a picture to help prove your point?

Want to show off how amazing your riding outfit is? Post a before and after photo from the barn. If an outfit still looks good after a ride or barn chores, you bought the right clothes!

We shouldn’t be so afraid to show the not-so-glamorous side of riding. Everyone sweats, gets dirty, looks messy after they poured their heart and soul into what they were doing. Sweat and getting messy are by-products of accomplishment.

Fun post-ride picture

Photo courtesy of Hannah Addington.

Post a sweaty picture of yourself every now and then. Have some fun with it. Do a funny pose with your riding friends or add a joke in the caption. Post-ride pictures are a great way to keep it real and grounded on platforms that have become full of the opposite.

Hannah Addington has been eventing for four years and authors the blog, The Geek Equestrian, “providing how-tos and insight into the latest things in the equestrian, food, S.T.E.M, and geek worlds.” You can follow her on Facebook here and Instagram here