Monday News and Notes from Success Equestrian

Yeah, um... I'll clean this out tomorrow. Yeah, um... I'll clean this out tomorrow.

I am so sunburnt. Even after reapplying multiple coats of sunscreen my face still looks like a beet and I have a serious case of lobster arms. Then again, it could just be horse show afterglow. Twin Rivers really was a great place for my first Novice. I’m already looking forward to my next event… if only to avoid cleaning out my car.

Weekend Results:

Twin Rivers HT:  [Website]  [Scores]

Plantation Field HT: [Website] [Scores]

Ocala Horse Properties International 3-Day Event [Website] [Scores]

FENCE H.T. [Website] [Scores]

St. Johns H.T. [Website] [Scores]

Pine Hill Spring H.T. [Website] [Scores]

Monday News and Notes:

A horse in northern Virginia was euthanized last Friday after testing positive for Equine Herpesvirus Myeloencephalopathy (EHM), the neurological form of EHV-1. No other cases have been reported in the area at this time. [Virginia Department of Agriculture]

Don’t forget to enter to win two four-day passes to Rolex! All you have to do is recreate the EN logo in a creative way — not through a drawing or graphic design! Entries are due at midnight EST tonight. [Enter to Win Rolex Passes]

A fun and exciting job opportunity came across my Facebook feed yesterday. Stephanie and I both debated whether or not it was feasible. We both decided against applying because shipping our own horses to the UK would be a pain (also my husband would probably be a spoil sport and say no). However, living in a castle would be so worth it. Start practicing your curtsies now. [The Queen needs a groom]

Taxpayers in New Mexico can allocate all or part of their refund to horse rescue groups. This is not without controversy. Some horse advocates say that the list of beneficiaries contains some groups that are not in line with the ideals of the fund. [Read more at]

There is a dustup in Utah over range land. Iron County in southern Utah is home to close to 2000 wild horses. This is significantly more than the 300 the BLM has stated is appropriate for the area. Locals are planning a roundup of the mustangs. [Read more at]

We’re always training our horses every time we handle them – but how do horses actually learn? Malan du Toit of South Africa recently presented some of his research during a seminar earlier this year. [Read more at]

Mark Bellissimo is the man responsible for the multi-million dollar transformation of the old Wellington show grounds in to one of the premiere show destinations in the United States, the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center. For his efforts he was awarded the Sun Sentinel Co.’s Excalibur Award. [Read more at]

There’s so much going on at the World Equestrian Games this year that it will make your head spin. There are lots of inspiring stories to be found everywhere you look. One of those stories is out of Washington state, where Roxanne Trunnell is attempting to make the para-Dressage team. [Read more at]

 Monday Video: It could be exhaustion or just my inherent immaturity, but I think this is both the funniest and cutest thing ever. I must teach my horse to do this.

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