Monday Video from Total Saddle Fit: Synchronized Spooking

They were fine rocking out to Queen’s We Will Rock You…but the applause….”noooo way!” 😂 😂😂#stickysprayfanclub

Posted by True North Farm on Saturday, December 8, 2018

Horses: majestic thousand-pound creatures that charged into battle for us centuries ago. Also horses: will spook at their own shadow and turn and flee from sudden noises. Early foot soldiers should have just burst into applause when the enemy cavalry started charging.

Kay Slater’s True North Farm in Harwich, Massachusetts, hosted its 6th annual Winter Holiday Musical Freestyle Party this past Saturday. The fun, festive event featured an afternoon of musical freestyle demonstrations on the flat and over fences. Kay, Robyn Hanover and Brie Putnam’s horses had no problem performing to the Queen hit “We Will Rock You” but they did take great objection to the audience’s applause at the end! Well sat, ladies!

Bonus: Ever seen a zebra, a lion and a giraffe perform an over fences pas de trois? (Ever thought you’d be asked that question?) Well, here you go!

Piper (zebra), Sam (lion) and Peeta (giraffe) having fun today with their peeps at our Musical Freestyle Party! @eventing.peeta @mudwrestler77 Samantha morse @gardiner.megan

Posted by True North Farm on Saturday, December 8, 2018