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Jumping past a dead guy has to be the ultimate test of event horse bravery, right? Photo by Leslie Wylie.
This post may be billed as a “Who Jumped It Best?” showdown — and we’ll get around to that eventually — but really I just wanted to take you guys for a tour around one...
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The Fleeceworks Pad. Photo by Studio Photography 406.
Each year Rebecca Farm goes pink for Halt Cancer at X, the fundraising campaign created in memory of the destination event’s founder Becky Broussard. This year you’ll see even more pink at the event as Fleeceworks...
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If you've ever wanted to jump a chicken on a fishing line that's being snacked on by an alligator, Rebecca Farm 2016 is your chance. Photo by Leslie Wylie.
Rebecca Farm is truly the Disney World of cross country courses. Each jump is a work of art in and of itself, no theme too farfetched, and stringing them together must feel like a thrill...
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Courtesy of Rebecca Farms Facebook page.
I have been tied to my phone for the better part of three days. If I’m not refreshing scores from Rebecca Farm, I’m in the middle of a flurry of texts back and forth about...
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Phillip Dutton and Mighty Nice. Photo by Jenni Autry.
The USEF just announced that Phillip Dutton has withdrawn Fernhill Cubalawn from the 2016 Olympic Games due to a minor injury sustained in training. Phillip will now ride HND Group’s Mighty Nice on the U.S. team. Both...
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Emily King has ridden boldly onto the four-star stage over the past year, and not at all on the coattails of her famous mom but the strength of her own determination, work ethic and passion...
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Rachael Smith and Cinco De Mayo. Photo by Leslie Wylie.
Watching upper level horses and riders compete is nice in a jaw-drop way, but the most FUN divisions to watch are sometimes the lower levels — especially when there’s some serious swag and glory at...
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The beautiful Bromont sign. Photo via EN Archives.
Following a tumultuous month for the 2018 World Equestrian Games, the FEI confirmed today that the host site contract with Bromont has been terminated “due to ongoing financial issues.” “We are sad that the Bromont...
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Who's that familiar man on the left?? Photo courtesy of Hilda Donohue.
 That’s Denny Emerson in the hat judging the Young Event Horse classes at the Dublin Horse Show on Wednesday this week! Karen O’Connor is also judging some of the classes. The show was first held in...
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Bonner Carpenter and Get Busy. Photo by the official event photographer Shannon Brinkman Photography, courtesy of The Event at Rebecca Farm.
Heather Morris and Get Rowdy grabbed hold of the Rebecca Farm CCI* lead early on in the nearly 50 horse strong division, and the only one who could wrestle it away from them was Heather’s...
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