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Welcome to the weekend, EN! It’s been very hot in Northern California, topping 106 yesterday afternoon. I’m planning on being out the door very early so that I can hopefully sneak in a ride before...
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Photo by Leslie Wylie.
This post originally appeared on Horse Nation. Who didn’t relish their barn rat days? Spending the entire day at the barn with your other barn rat friends, only to sleep for a few hours and...
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From Megan: I’ve given up a summer of eventing in New England to work on a dude ranch in northwestern Montana, and this is a shot from a trail ride a few weeks ago looking...
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Leslie Law and Tout de Suite. Photo courtesy of Hoofclix.
Leslie Law was on a European horse shopping trip late in 2011 when he came upon a 4-year-old British Sport Horse gelding after hearing about the promising horse from JP Sheffield. “JP is a good...
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Millbrook is the place to be this weekend, not only because we have more than six hundred competitors from Beginner Novice to Advanced, but mostly because both Jenni and myself are in attendance! I’m running...
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Cornelia Dorr and Sir Patico MH, Junior T3D winners. Photo courtesy of Flatlandsfoto/Joan Davis.
The three-day action has wrapped up at the GMHA Festival of Eventing, and Flatlandsfoto’s Joan Davis was kind enough to once again send us photos of the winners. Show jumping proved to be influential for...
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Allison Springer's Arthur enjoying some extra love from a friend of Allison's at Millbrook. Photo via the Allison Springer Eventing Facebook page.
Ah, the weekend. I’m sure many of you are hours ahead of me getting your weekend started at a horse show. As for me? I’m headed to go watch some Chiefs training camp – almost...
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Ryan Wood and Woodstock Wallaby. Photo by Leslie Wylie.
Well, how did you do this week? This rider posted a “Wind Back Wednesday” photo on his Facebook page yesterday, so I couldn’t resist putting it on EN for all of the (eventing) world to...
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Shayne was the world's oldest horse at 51 years old. Photo by Martin Rose, courtesy of
Today, we honor those horses who have reached their golden years. Whether they’re elderly gentlemen or “old gray mares who ain’t what they used to be,” senior horses come with individual histories that can determine...
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Harry Meade and Wild Lone at Badminton. Photo by Jenni Autry.
The nominated entries for eventing have now been posted on the World Equestrian Games website, giving us a look at Great Britain’s reserve list, which hadn’t previously been revealed. Harry Meade and Gemma Tattersall both...
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