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Boyd demonstrates the advantage of velcro pants on Welcome Shadow in the CCI2*. Photo via Boyd Martin's Facebook page.
The leaves are changing, the air is crisp, and the upper level horses are all on vacation now, at least on the East Coast. I pretty much love everything about fall, from the beautiful orange...
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Photo by Kasey Mueller
We are delighted to host Sally Cousins as our newest guest blogger, as she shares her wealth of knowledge with us in the form of weekly training tips. We hope these nuggets of information can be integrated directly...
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We’ve got one main observation after watching the full video from the PRO Bareback Gambler’s Choice at the Dutta Corp Fair Hill International this weekend: Waylon Roberts has a need for speed! Riding Ellie Luther’s...
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Fence 4AB. Photo via Pau on Facebook.
The Pau Facebook page has published a first look at the CCI4* course competitors will be tackling this weekend. As previously reported, we’ve got five North American pairs set to contest the fall four-star this...
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Photo by Erika Bernsten.
During a recent symposium focusing on the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission’s necropsy research on catastrophic injuries, findings on the ‘bad step’ myth have been released. Focusing on racehorses, the idea of a horse taking a...
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Katy Groesbeck and Roman Place. Photo by Jenni Autry.
Last week on EN’s Got Talent, we met Katy Groesbeck’s newest upper-level prospect, Roman Place. The 7-year-old OTTB gelding found a new home with Katy after spending some time at Buck Davidson’s barn, and he’s...
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Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
Nights like last night make me love teaching. Many of my students were coming back from a long weekend due to teacher workshops, and had the enthusiasm and energy that only preteens possess. Even though...
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Photo via PRO on Facebook.
The PRO Bareback Gambler's Choice competition pitted three riders and their best bareback horses against each other at the Dutta Corp Fair Hill International....
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Boyd Martin and Master Frisky. Photo by Jenni Autry.
Boyd Martin regularly blogs on his website, which is great since it helps keep us in the know on the inner workings of an upper level operation. Boyd posted an update on his successful weekend...
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Our friends over at SmartPak launched a new app last week, just in time for blanketing season to get into full swing. We gave SmartBlanket a test drive, and here’s what we found: 1. Personalized...
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