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Swiss Miss Same a couple months into her TLC. You can see how badly under run her heels were in front.
We recently selected a few bloggers to try out a 30 day supply of Omega Alpha’s popular joint supplement, Sinew-X. These bloggers have received their supply and will be starting their horses on a 30...
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Just when we were thinking we couldn’t go much longer without a new video from SmartPak, they released a new version of “Stuff Riders Say”. This unreleased episode features more sayings that we as equestrians...
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The start box is waiting!
Ah, the anticipation of a brand new season. Time to move on from the last, whether it was good, bad, or a healthy mix of both, and start mapping out your plans for the year....
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Woody, king of the schoolies, surveys his domain. Photo courtesy of Woodloch Stable.
This post originally appeared on EN’s awesome sister site, Horse Nation, and was reprinted with permission from The Poor Amateur’s Almanac.  There are few creatures as patient, forgiving and downright saintly as a good lesson...
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Photo via Wallace Eventing.
Elisa Wallace is traveling back home after this year’s Mustang Magic competition with a handful of awards, a huge smile, and a little mare whom she was successfully able to adopt at the conclusion of...
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Hawley's back at Dragonfire for the weekend! Photo from Sophia Zeier
You know it’s January when Hawley Bennett comes to visit Team DF! Even though I’m not riding in the clinic this month, it’s always nice to see good friends. Watching and learning is an added...
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Omega Alpha natural supplements. Photo by Kate Samuels.
You are certainly acquainted with the company Omega Alpha, as you probably see their banner flying high at events every weekend. Top level riders like Hannah Sue Burnett, Jessica Phoenix, Lauren Kieffer and many more...
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Elisa Wallace and Hwin share a momemt. Photo via Wallace Eventing.
The preliminary rounds at this year’s Mustang Magic competition in Fort Worth, Texas wrapped up last night, and Elisa Wallace and Hwin were selected to move on as finalists in tonight’s freestyle performance. Post by...
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Brian Sabo with Claire Harmon at the USPC annual meeting. Photo from Claire Belletti Harmon's Facebook page.
It’s shaping up to be one of those weekends where you need a weekend to recover from it. There are early season events happening all over the place, as well as awards banquets, clinics, and...
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Ride On Video put together a great video highlighting the award winners from the Area VI award winners. Area VI gives out awards for categories such as Rider of the Year, Horse of the Year...
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