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Happy Halloween everybody! While we’ve got two incredibly exciting events happening at both ends of the coast today, I  must admit that I was a teensy bit disappointed that nobody went ahead and wore a...
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Amber Levine and Otter Pop. Photo courtesy of Galway Downs.
The top of the leaderboard remained virtually unchanged in today’s finale of the USEA Young Event Horse West Coast Championships, with Amber Levine and Otter Pop clinching the win in the 4-year-old division on 83.2...
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As promised, here are your five finalists for Dubarry Best Dressed from this afternoon’s first horse inspection at Galway Downs! To vote, “like” the photo you think should win over on Galway’s Facebook page. There’s...
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Ellen Doughty-Hume & Sir Oberon. Photo courtesy of Ellen's FB.
This weekend we have two sets of three day events happening simultaneously: Galway Downs CCI*, CCI2* and CCI3* on the west coast, and the famed Virginia CCI* on the east coast. Both are known for...
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We’ve just wrapped up a three-hour horse inspection at Galway Downs on a beautiful, breezy, sunny afternoon in Temecula, Calif., with all 19 horse and rider combinations being accepted in the CCI3* division. In in...
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Fence 23
Hello from Galway Downs! It was a beautiful morning to walk Ian Stark’s CCI3* course, which is every bit as big and bold as you’d hope it would for the finale of our eventing season...
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Esson. Photo via CANTER Ohio.
The time has come for us to check our savings accounts and the number of empty stalls in our barns, figuring out if there’s a way to add a new horse to the herd. We’ve...
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‘Tis the season to blanket your horses, and our good friends at SmartPak understand the hilarious and frustrating moments that go hand in hand with lost, shredded and dirty blankets. They released a special episode of “Stuff...
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Simple Dreams DF, 2014 West Coast Future Event Horse Yearling Champion. Photo courtesy of Dragonfire Farm.
The eventing community continues to buzz with potential solutions after Team USA produced a less than stellar result at this year’s World Equestrian Games: Do we need more Thoroughbred blood? A better training program for young riders?...
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Galway Downs! Photo courtesy of Plain Dealing Farm FB.
Two incredibly awesome things are happening this weekend: Galway Downs….and Halloween! I’m sure there’s also some other stuff that’s pretty great this weekend (cheering on my pals in the VA CCI*!!) but for me, those...
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