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We all know that event horses love their jobs (well, maybe not that silly dressage stuff). Meet Nolo, a 7-year-old OTTB owned and ridden by junior rider Taylor Miller. “As you can see in the...
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This is the hashtag that never ends / Yes it goes on and on my friend / Some eventers started griping on social media / and they’ll continue complaining forever just because / this is...
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Gemma Tattersall stops to chat with German team coach Chris Bartle. Photo by Jenni Autry.
Chris Bartle, who coaches the German Eventing Team alongside Hans Melzer, has announced his intent to succeed Yogi Breisner as head coach of the British Eventing Team. He is one of several candidates applying for...
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A newly minted Prelim pair at Twin Rivers Ranch! Photo via Stephanie Nicora on Facebook.
Big congratulations are in order for EN’s own Stephanie Nicora and her “hobo horse,” High In the Air, on completing their first Prelim together this weekend at Twin Rivers. Stephanie has produced this horse with...
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Combined driving is basically eventing on wheels. There are three phases — dressage, marathon and cones — and like our sport it’s a real test of athletic well-roundedness. The marathon phase is the combined driving equivalent...
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Talk about OTTB pride! A recent thread on the OTTB Connect Facebook group turned into a show-and-tell of tattoos featuring Jockey Club numbers. You guys are the best (and craziest). In the market for a...
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Photo courtesy of Professional's Choice
Enter to win a pair of Professional’s Choice Pro Performance XC Boots in this week’s Fab Freebie on EN....
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What could Chinch be saying to Princess? Is he whispering sweet nothings? Telling a joke? Planning world domination? All of the above, most likely.
I love living in a place where horsey activities are happening all around me all the time and I am able to be active in the equine community both in and out of the saddle....
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Ashton Garner, of Willard, OH, and her Thoroughbred Galway Bay were clear with time on cross country to finish ninth in Open Preliminary-B at Flying Cross Farm in Goshen, KY last weekend. Ashton has brought...
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The Tryon Riding and Hunt Club is celebrating its 41st annual horse trials at the Foothills Equestrian Nature Center in Landrum, SC this weekend. The TR&HC was founded in 1925 by Carter P. Brown. In...
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