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Retraining your OTTB for a second career after racing can be a rewarding process (plus a lot of hard work). Clare Mansmann details exactly what your OTTB might already know (spoiler: a lot!), and what...
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Why yes, I will humblebrag about the way my horse jumps this tiny oxer.
So, this is my first year entering the Retired Racehorse Project, and so far, it’s a lot of fun. Yes, I do have a complicated beautiful drama queen of a horse that I love riding,...
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While the classic long format has faded into history for the upper levels, the traditional three-day experience lives on at Preliminary and below. Riding in a classic long format has become a bucket list item for many...
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By this point in the season, if I don’t have a tab open on my computer that is live streaming some event somewhere, I feel lost. It’s like having the radio on while you’re driving...
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Where there are horse people, there are dogs … and we love to show them off! Here are a few of the best pup pics you’ve posted on Instagram lately. Don’t forget to tag yours...
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Aleco Bravo of Rutledge Farm will host McLain Ward for a clinic! Photo courtesy of Nick Attwood.
McLain Ward is coming to the heart of eventing country on June 6, when he will conduct a clinic on the Attwood surfaces of Rutledge Farm in Middleburg, VA. While the rider slots have all...
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They’ve prepped, they’ve packed, and they’re ready for the third annual USEA Intercollegiate Championship! 23 teams from 17 colleges and universities are gunning for the title and bragging rights, including the defending champions from Clemson...
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Need WEG accommodations for yourself and 33 of your closest friends? Rented in full (for a cool $7,000/night), The Horse Shoe Farm in Hendersonville, NC, is one of the largest listings on the WEG lodging referral system. It includes 
5 houses (14 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms) on over 80 acres of river front farmland, and should your horse be accompanying you, there are stables as well! Photo via The Horse Shoe Farm -- see listing here.
Seeking lodging for the 2018 World Equestrian Games, or want to list your own Tryon-area property? Tryon International Equestrian Center (TIEC) recently announced a lodging referral system provided through Tryon Resort Realty LLC. This WEG...
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Bec Braitling and Mallory Hogan, winners of the 2017 Preliminary Challenge. Photo by Shelby Allen.
I’m so excited this weekend to head to the West Coast for the Preliminary Challenge at Woodside. This is such a cool event. Even though the event runs through Advanced, all the attention is on...
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Day 2 at Wiesbaden – The Best Bits What a day at Internationales Wiesbadener PfingstTurnierHere are the Best Bits 👇🏻 Posted by Event Rider Masters on Saturday, May 19, 2018 Ah, well, we can’t have...
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