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Kate Groesbeck and Oz the Tin Man at Millbrook 2014. Photo by Jenni Autry.
Katy Groesbeck bid farewell to her best friend and partner of 18 years, Oz the Tin Man, last night. Inexplicably, “Wort” shattered his fetlock, and X-rays revealed the damage was beyond repair. The 1997 Anglo-Arab gelding, by Sidi of...
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It might be eighty degrees and sunny down in Florida, but winter is clinging by the fingernails up here in the Northeast. I walked home through a lovely mix of rain, sleet, snow, and slush...
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Boyd Martin and Crackerjack in the warm-up class. Photo by Jenni Autry.
Congratulations to our Eventing Prix winners! A full report will come shortly — in the meantime, catch up on the action by scrolling through the open thread below. [Order of Go] [Team List] [@eventingnation] [@goeventing]...
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The British Bred Sport Horse held their annual Stallion Event in January of this year at Hartpury College in Gloucestershire. 67 stallions showed off their moves, including several who are intended to produce eventing progeny....
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Lauren Kieffer and Veronica at the 2014 Eventing Prix Invitational. Photo by Susan Merle-Smith.
It’s go time for the second annual Eventing Prix Invitational at Southern Cross Equestrian here in Reddick, Florida, where eight teams made up of some of the top riders in the U.S. are set to do battle...
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I’m leaving the frosty forests of Minnesota for Aiken this morning, and resolved to pull an all-nighter to prepare for my trip. Fueled by caffeine and blueberry muffins, my mind is currently zipping along at...
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Post by Kelley Shetter-Ruiz. As much of the country is still encased in snow and ice (spring is coming, right?), some riders have taken to the indoor and gotten creative with their winter pole work....
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Daniel Sarango and Carmac at Pine Top. Photo courtesy of ED/
Daniel Sarango fell in love with Pollard Eventing when he met Michael and Nathalie Pollard for an interview in 2012. A former resident of Ecuador, Daniel was looking for an opportunity in the U.S., carrying...
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When you stop and think about our sport, the truth of the matter is that we spend four days to compete no more than 20 minutes at a competition. This is something we hear about...
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The Ariat Lakeland H2O Boot in Ebony. Photo from Ariat.
Welcome back to another fabulous Monday, EN readers! Why so fabulous, you ask? Because that  means it’s time for us to announce this week’s Fab Freebie! This week, one lucky reader will be taking home...
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