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Nothing like bringing home some war-wounds. Heal quickly, Gina! Photo from Gina Economu's Facebook page.
It’s been a wild week for one of our West Coast Favorites, Gina Economu. She headed east a short while ago to compete at Morven Park this weekend. Between a trip to New Bolton and a...
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We’ve long considered combined driving to be the thrilling sister sport of eventing here at EN, and we are loving this tiny dynamo of a pony showing these two pint-sized drivers the ropes around a cones course....
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Fence 18. Photo by Kate Samuels.
I just got a chance to zoom around the cross country course at Stable View Farm for the inaugural Advanced horse trials on a golf cart with the organizer, Anne Dearborn. All of the jumps...
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A MIM clip on one of the Advanced fences. Photo courtesy of Stable View.
The weekend is rapidly approaching at Stable View’s inaugural Advanced horse trials, the courses are all set and the competitors are pulling into town. The event coordinators, staff and volunteers have been working tirelessly to...
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Jon Holling and Downtown Harrison. Photo by Leslie Wylie.
Stable View Farm has stepped up to host Aiken’s inaugural Advanced horse trials this weekend. With all three phases running on one day tomorrow, this show will mimic the format of Advanced events held in countries...
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Amber Levine and Carry On. Photo by Leslie Wylie.
The Dutta Corp Fair Hill International is less than two weeks away on Oct. 12-16 in Elkton, Maryland, and the USEF has awarded Land/Rover USEF Competition grants to two West Coast combinations slated to compete...
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Please join us in congratulating our good friends at Horse Radio Network, who are celebrating their 5,000th published podcast episode as we speak. Coincidentally, it just so happens to be International Podcast Day as well...
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Babies are fun! Photo via Destination Eventing's FB page.
While the upper level horses are certainly at full steam ahead for the fall season, the young horses are hitting the shows in multitudes, showing off what they spent all spring and summer learning. Sadly,...
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2004: the year W was re-elected to office, a social network called Facebook was launched, Mary-Kate and Ashley turned 18, Friends and Sex in the City ended (RIP), Lance Armstrong won his 6th consecutive Tour...
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Where there are eventers, there are dogs. Many, many dogs of many, many varieties. Boss dogs … Not much gets past these 4 #dogsofDPE #dogsofinstgram #dogsofen #barndogs #supervisors A photo posted by Courtney Carson (@courtlee26)...
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