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Everything the light touches is my kingdom — I mean hay field.
Have you ever grown hay fields past their maturity to make bedding for your horses? That’s a topic currently up for discussion over on The Horse. While hay harvested past maturity makes low-quality forage for horses, it’s...
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The Friday night bull riding party is always a highlight of Plantation Field’s fall horse trials, and it didn’t disappoint once again this year, with Jennie Brannigan, Nate Chambers, Ryan Wood and Tik Maynard battling...
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Ashley Russell and Philharmonic competing at the AECs. Photo by Jen Valentine.
Last week, we brought you the story of Ashley Russell, an inspirational rider who set out to compete at the Nutrena USEA American Eventing Championships in Tyler, Texas. Ashley competes her horse Philharmonic while being legally...
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Kate Samuels and Nyls du Terroir at Millbrook 2014. Photo by Jenni Autry.
On the East Coast, Morven Park is running both a CIC3* and an Advanced this weekend. This year is Morven’s first CIC run concurrently with the fall horse trials, and as a result we may...
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TomorrowWorld 2013. Photo via Wikimedia Commons.
Like a teenager hosting a raging kegger while the parents are out of town, Chattahoochee Hills took advantage of the eventing world’s mass exodus to the American Eventing Championships in Texas last weekend to stage...
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Advanced course is ready to go for Morven! Photo via Morven Equestrian Center Facebook Page.
It still doesn’t feel like fall up here in the Northeast; the leaves haven’t really started changing and the air isn’t crisp and cool. Instead, it’s still warm and somewhat muggy. But I know it’s...
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RNS Video has done a great job of putting up highlight reels from the Nutrena American Eventing Championships this weekend. The recap of the Novice and Beginner Novice winners is now available for our viewing...
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Photo by Kasey Mueller
We are delighted to host Sally Cousins as our newest guest blogger, as she shares her wealth of knowledge with us in the form of weekly training tips. We hope these nuggets of information can be integrated directly...
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V over jumps at home. Photo by Tara Katherine Photography.
Ashley Kehoe has spent many years competing at the upper levels with a variety of partners, but she believes she has finally found the one to take her all the way to the top in...
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Land Rover grant recipient Mackenna Shea is withdrawing Landioso from Boekelo CCIO3* in the Netherlands after their final prep run at Plantation Field didn’t go quite as planned, she announced on her blog last night....
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