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Every year I post this meme, and every year I hope I can go back and say it was an ironic posting.
Folks, we’ve entered the Final Countdown. This time next week, you’ll be watching the very first competitors in the 2014 Rolex Kentucky CCI4* Event canter down the centerline. You’ll be trying to figure out ways...
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Manhattan-eventer's Polyvore pin
Seven hours of dressage spectating might, in fact, require a flask. A little nip of something will make Sally O’Connor’s comments even more enjoyable (“oh dear-dear-dear!”), especially if you’re sipping from a Dubarry Rugby Leather...
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Donner has been on a break this spring after a routine exam at the training sessions found some fill in one of his ankles. That means he’s been in dressage boot camp all winter, and...
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Each week we’ll be rummaging through the Twittersphere in pursuit of the eventing world’s most interesting utterances as expressed in 140 characters or less. Here’s our latest batch! Old friends at the head of the...
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Marilyn Litte and Udonna at Pine Top in 2011. Photo by Kate Samuels.
It’s been three years now since Udonna evented, but she left quite an impression on fans of the sport — anyone remember that gutsy derby cross performance where she left out a stride between those...
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Galloping at Carolina International. Photo by Jenni Autry.
Eventing is a tough sport for both horses and riders and equally as difficult mentally as it is physically. It’s a sport that stretches you to the limits and then asks you for more. When...
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Fence 16 — Mirage Pond
Badminton unveiled Giuseppe Della Chiesa’s cross-country course this morning in an excellent 24-minute video in which Giuseppe and Hugh Thomas take viewers on a walk around the 30 jumping efforts. Hugh has designed the course for the...
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Part of the homepage of Phillip Dutton's new website.
Good morning EN! Check out the above screenshot, which comes from the homepage of Phillip Dutton’s brand new website. Designed by EN friend Athletux, the site looks pretty snazzy and has lots of great information...
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Jolie Wentworth and Goodknight. Photo by Sherry Stewart.
Well this isn’t a sad Rolex withdrawal announcement to make by any means! Jolie Wentworth announced tonight she is withdrawing Goodknight from Rolex because she is pregnant and expecting her first child in September. “My husband...
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Insanity in the middle!
Laura Millerick was kind enough to donate her two four-day passes to Rolex after finding out she couldn’t go at the last minute, and we asked you all to recreate the EN logo in a...
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