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Nyls says,
Thank dignity dog it’s Friday! I know that I’m ready for some weekend fun, how about the rest of ya? I cross country schooled both of my monster horses yesterday in the drizzling rain, making...
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This weekend is packed with exciting events, from The Event at Rebecca Farm in Montana, to the Great Meadow WEG Prep Event in Virginia, there is competition and fun happening all over the United States....
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Fatty, fatty, two-by-four... Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
Recently, I made the decision to put Onyx, my rotund Morgan gelding, in a dry lot paddock with high-quality hay. Pony is on a diet! Thanks to his insatiable need to eat everything in his...
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Who do you recognize?
I’ve been spending the day thinking about storylines for the teen movie that appears to be pictured in our throwback photo today. Is there a love connection going on? More than one? Since all of...
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Welcome to the EN Book Club! We’re always looking for new riding and training resources to add to our libraries. Today we’re taking a look at The Riding Horse Repair Manual by Doug Payne, which...
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Check out all the ventilation on the Tipperary T2. Photo by Lorraine Peachey
In honor of Riders4Helmets International Helmet Awareness Day on July 12, we launched a contest in partnership with Tipperary to win one of their awesome T-Series T2 helmets. We’ve already reviewed the helmet here and given...
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*Actual prize may differ.
It’s been a wild ride for this year’s Blogger Contest! We had four truly amazing finalists, and we definitely had a difficult time choosing a winner, especially after seeing how incredibly close the votes were in the...
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Who do you recognize?
With this year’s NAJYRC in the books, it seemed fitting this week to revisit some Young Rider competitions from years past. We found this gem from the 2001 NAJYRC and thought we’d challenge you to...
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Several things must be noted about today: first, you are so welcome for that photo of Nyls and his disgusting teeth, as I know it’s a wonderful way to start the day, with a horse...
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Tredstep logo on Summer Cool gloves - Photo by Lorraine Peachey
Between riding and barn chores, my hands don’t have an easy life. They are definitely important, so I try not to beat up on them too much, but they certainly do get a workout of...
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