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The iconic red barns at Magister Equitum Stables in Hector, Minnesota were teeming with horses and riders during the Roebke’s Run July Horse Trials. Horses of all shapes and sizes settled into their stalls for...
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Photo by Leslie Wylie.
As thrilling as it was to watch Buck Davidson grab CCI3* and CCI2* victory by the horns, as exciting as it was to witness Mackenna Shea wrestling that big blue CIC3* ribbon to the ground,...
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Look at this fruit spread at Full Moon Farm!!! Photo courtesy of Natalie Hollis.
Full Moon Farm recently hosted the Aloha Recognized Horse Trials at their farm in Finksburg, Maryland and what a success it was! Full Moon went above-and-beyond for competitors that came to compete in 100+ degree...
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Yee-haw! Jeanine Allred and Annabell take us around the Training Three-Day cross country course at Rebecca Farm.
In my Rebecca Farm cross country course preview I called it “the Disney World of cross country courses … Each jump is a work of art in and of itself, no theme too farfetched, and...
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Eventers in jumper land! Photo courtesy of Amelia Bayer.
Eventers are versatile creatures, more capable than most of chameleon-ing it up in different disciplines — and being better at our own sport for it. Virginia eventer Amelia Bayer has been dabbling in both straight...
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Image courtesy of World Equestrian Brands
Want to put that extra bit of polish on your show ring look? We are loving these stylish Leather Number Holders from Hamag! They are suitable for all phases and come with a full set of numbers,...
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Cochranville says good  night. Photo by Maggie Deatrick.
Everyone can relate to a late night at the barn. Whether you’re just late because the earliest you could even to get to the barn was 7 p.m. or if you’ve been there all day...
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Australia’s Olympic Eventing Team is hunkered down in the English countryside this week, making their final preparations for Rio. The team of Chris Burton and Santano II, Sam Griffiths and Paulank Brockagh, Shane Rose and...
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Photo by Amy Dragoo.
When it comes to OTTBs, some folks want the fresh-laid egg and others are ready for an omelette! A couple recent editions of OTTB Wishlist have taken a departure from our usual MO of featuring...
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What would you give to spend two minutes inside your horse’s brain? Who even knows what goes on inside those things. Probably something like this, I’m thinking. Set out for trot sets and caught a...
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