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The Pro Performance boot series includes these cross country boots and overreach boots which are lightweight but very durable and protective. Photo by Kate Samuels.
The market for cross country boots has become very competitive in the past few years, as riders are demanding better protection for their prized partners, and Professional’s Choice has responded with leg care that is...
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You could be the next Marilyn Payne! Photo by Jenni Autry.
Did you know that there is a shortage of eventing officials in the U.S.? Technical delegates, judges and course designers play a critical role in our sport, and as our current group of wonderful officials retire,...
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The mini-ons in the Breed Show at KY Horse Park are ready for Halloween! Photo via The Kentucky Horse Park FB page.
And cue the adorable costumes! For the next few days I expect social media will be awash with photos of kids, ponies, dogs, and drunk people dressed up as things they are not. I have...
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If you missed the live stream of the FEI World Breeding Eventing Championships for Young Horses at Le Lion d’Angers over the weekend, never fear! The event kindly posted show jumping videos of the top finishers, so...
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Lauren Turner and Galivantor. Photo by Xpress Foto.
Knowing when to close the curtain on a horse’s career is one of the most difficult decisions a horse owner may face. When it comes to grand finales, timing is everything. When you’ve put so...
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Are you heading to Virginia Horse Trials this weekend? Don’t forget to pack a costume for your dog! Join your eventing canine cohorts in the coliseum at 6 p.m. on Saturday for a costume parade...
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The Sinead Halpin team goes for their first Ocala hack. Photo via Sinead on Facebook.
Can you believe it’s already time for the winter migration? I definitely can’t. But like it or not, wherever you look now, eventers are packing the rigs and heading south for the colder months, and...
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When it comes to cross country soundtracks, you can’t go wrong with the Rolling Stones. Well … m’kay, maybe if you’re being run off with, you should steer clear of “Wild Horses” (you ARE getting...
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Non-rider SmartPakers say the darnedest things, and this edition of “Ask a Non-Rider” may be one of our favorites. Watch the non-riding employees at SmartPak try to figure out what Sleazy Sleepwear is for. How...
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The struggle is real! Photo via Equestrian Creations.
We love spotlighting small businesses at EN, and this week we’re teaming up with Equestrian Creations to give one lucky reader a chance to win a unique T-shirt of your choice. Cassie Holmes combined her love...
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