Peter Atkins – Can’t catch a break

I was hoping to be able to post this much earlier today as Peter and both his horses, HJ Hampton of Run Henny Run fame, and his younger, but Peter believes equally talented, stablemate Firedrake were somewhere high over the Atlantic Ocean, finally on their way to England after a frustrating series of delays and accidents. Peter and his team were due to take off this morning.  However, I could hardly believe it when I received a text from him at lunchtime telling me that his plane had been delayed in yet another setback. Truth be told I should have been posting this weeks ago, but I am happy to say that after all of the delays I have just received word now, at nearly 10pm Thursday night, that Henny, Drake and their long-time and faithful groom Amanda are at JFK  loading onto the plane.  Amanda and the horses will fly to England via Amsterdam, and Bettina Hoy is going to train Henny until Peter is well enough from his broken leg to ride again.  Peter will meet them in England on Saturday, but will return to the US to teach a few clinics he’s already committed to. If the picture above is anything to go on, it won’t be long now until Peter’s riding again–he told me he’s been using the horse laser on his broken leg and swallowing bottlefuls of calciums supplements and doing everything within in his power to heal ASAP.  Wishing Peter, the horses and Amanda safe travels and looking forward to lots of updates from England.  Go Eventing!


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