Phillip’s CCI*** Dressage Domination

Phillip and Mystery Whisper scored a 32.6 to lead the CCI*** by seven points this afternoon–the third time they’ve led a three-day after the dressage this year.  Phillip mentioned in the press conference that he’s been working with Linda Zang, and that the experience of riding Mystery Whisper has been beneficial for his other horses. Looking toward cross-country, he’s planning to keep the pace “comfortable” for Whisper.



Karen and Veronica look ready for Rolex redemption after their flashy test left them in second (39.6) heading into tomorrow. Karen’s no worse than third on any of her horses this weekend. Go  Karen.

Michael and Jude’s Law showed some killer mediums, but a bit of tension in the canter work to score a 43.6 for third, and Buck and Reggie looked like the old friends they are, performing a consistent test to score 46.4 for fifth.

Though there’s an over 10-point gap between the top five, consistent tests from Laine, Kadi, Lynn and Hawley put them all within two points of each other in the bottom half of the top ten–which’ll make for an exciting shake-up in the standings at the end of the day tomorrow.

CCI*** Dressage Leaders:

1. Phillip Dutton/Mystery Whisper – 32.60

2. Karen O’Connor/Veronica – 39.60

3. Michael Pollard/Jude’s Law – 43.60

4. Selena O’Hanlon/Colombo – 45.80

5. Bruce Davidson Jr/Ballynoecastle RM – 46.40

6. Laine Ashker/Anthony Patch – 48.00

7. Kadi Eykamp/Double Rivers Dillon – 48.80

8. Lynn Symansky/Donner – 49.40

9. Michele Mueller/Amistad – 49.80

10. Hawley Bennett-Awad/5 O’Clock Somewhere – 50.00


Which brings us to the end of Jersey dressage. Off to walk the course!


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  • Absolutehorse says:

    This competition might be the perfect one to help those of us old-timers with the difference between a CCI and a CIC… can you summarize what the differences are in the XC course between the 4 divisions? I know the one is longer than the other, but how many of the same fences do the CIC*** and CCI*** do?

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