Report and Photos from Twin Rivers

Many thanks to Taren Atkinson, wife of James Atkinson, for being our West Coast correspondent from Twin Rivers HT this past weekend.  If you have a story or event report to share with EN, send it to [email protected]!

[Twin Rivers Results]

Andrea Baxter Indy 500. Photo by Taren Atkinson


From Taren:

My hubby [James Atkinson] is actually the new xc course designer at Twin Rivers, so the tracks were all brand new.  This is his first shot at designing an Advanced track since receiving his R license, and from the feedback we got at the show it was successful.  Because this is the first Advanced of the year on the West Coast, James tried to design a course that was inviting and fairly straightforward – both to earn the trust of the riders as an up and coming course designer but also to prepare the horses confidently.  That being said, there were definitely questions out there!  I’m excited to see how the course evolves over time, and I know that James was super happy with the results from the weekend; I think he was more nervous for the outcome of his design than he was about riding his own horses!

As always, the facility was beautifully prepared by course builders Tommy Neneman and Zane Webb, and the Baxter family was welcoming to all competitors.  The weather was outstanding, reminding us why we love California eventing.  We will head back there in April for the FEI competition, and look forward to another well-run event in central CA.

Frankie Theriot and Uphoria, 2nd in the Open Intermediate. Photo by Taren Atkinson.


Kim Liddell and Special Ops. Photo by Taren Atkinson


Stacey Winter and Stella Brava. Photo by Taren Atkinson.


James Atkinson and Gustav. Photo by Taren Atkinson

Erin Kellerhouse and Cat Ballou. Photo by Taren Atkinson.


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