RIP Flagmount’s Sterling Prince

We’ve just received word that Sara Kozumplik tragically lost her Advanced horse, Flagmount’s Sterling Prince, due to an accident in turnout.  Our condolences go out to Sara, Prince, and those who loved him.   Thanks to Sara Lieser of The Chronicle of the Horse for sharing this with us.



Photo by Sara Lieser

From Sara Kozumplik:

It is with a heavy heart and great sadness that I announce that we lost our Prince to a freak accident in the field a couple of days ago while Brian and I were taking a week off in Ireland. He became cast, while rolling too close to a running shed, and broke his leg. While words cannot express how I feel, I know how incredibly lucky I was to be able to have this horse in my life. He was a wonderful, talented, kind, and brave horse that had the best work ethic I have ever found. The tragedy is compounded for me as he was improving hugely everyday, and I know what a star he would have been had he had the chance. Prince was about to compete at Bromont CCI*** in June. His previous rider, Melissa McMaster and her Mum, Dee, did a lovely job bringing him up to the two star level, and I am desperately sorry for them also that the story of such a horse has ended this way.
My heart goes out to his owners, the incredible Edy and Sean Rameika as well as The Pinnacle Group (Chris and Rob Desino of Ocala Horse Properties, Judith and John Lovegrove, Robert Kennedy, and Dee and Melissa McMaster) Thank you for all the support I have always received from every one of you. It is people like you that are the lifeblood of our sport, and I value the unconditional support you have given me more than words can say.
I would like to thank my local vet, Ian Harrison, my amazing neighbor, Sandy Johnson, and my staff…..Caroline Ring, Martin Gomez, and Jessica Gebbett, for all their kindness and compassion during what has been a horrible time for us all.
I will miss you every day my friend.

Sara and Prince at Rocking Horse Winter II.  Photo by Samantha Clark.


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