Rolex First Horse Inspection Live Updates, Presented by SmartPak

Can they do it again? #threepeat #rk3de

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It’s officially go time at the 2017 Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event, presented by Land Rover! The EN team is all in place and we’re all set to bring you the absolute best coverage of #RK3DE that you can find on the internet. As we post this, horses and riders dressed to the nines are lining up ready to preset to the Ground Jury for the First Horse Inspection.

For those of you following along at home, we’ll be doing open threads like this one for each phase of competition, and you can also find ways to watch online here. Enjoy, and keep refreshing this page for live updates from the official first day of Rolex!

#RK3DE Links: Website, Schedule, Entries, EN’s Coverage, Live Stream, EN’s Twitter, EN’s Instagram

4:20 p.m.: And just like that, we are underway here at Rolex Kentucky! Just one pair, Colleen Rutledge and Covert Rights, will not move on to competition. Stay tuned for the full report!

4:20 p.m.: That was intense. Had to let my heart rate subside a bit! Jordan Linstedt and RevitaVet Capato are ACCEPTED upon reinspection! Big sigh of relief and big pats for Capato!

4:14 p.m.: Jordan is heading back down to re-present now.

4:14 p.m.: Big shout-out to Frankie Thieriot Stutes, our commentator for today’s jog!

4:13 p.m.:

4:13 p.m.:

4:12 p.m.: We’re just waiting now to see Jordan Linstedt and RevitaVet Capato re-present.

4:11 p.m.:

4:10 p.m.: Holly Jacks, another Rookie and the last to present, looks thrilled to be here with More Inspiration!

4:10 p.m.:

4:09 p.m.: Pfun is accepted. Look at that vision in white!! *heart eye emoji*

4:08 p.m.: Doug Payne and Vandiver are accepted! Just two more to go, including Will Faudree with Pfun. Will is definitely going for best dressed this year in all white!

4:07 p.m.: Ringwood Sky Boy makes Tim jump a couple of flower pots on the way back down the strip but they’re accepted. Next up, Doug Payne and Vandiver.

4:06 p.m.: Dang it. Jordan sent to the hold box. For anyone experiencing technical difficulties with the feed, the USEF Network is aware and working on it! Tim Price with Ringwood Sky Boy will present next.

4:05 p.m.: Matt Brown and Super Socks BCF are accepted. Next up, Jordan Linstedt and RevitaVet Capato, who looks stunning as always.

4:03 p.m.: Another Rookie pair, Woodge Fulton and Captain Jack, are accepted!

4:03 p.m.: All hail the queen!

4:00 p.m.: Kim Severson and Cooley Cross Border as well as Great Britain’s Zara Tindall with High Kingdom are accepted!

4:00 p.m.:

3:59 p.m.:

3:58 p.m.: Fernhill Classic would much rather gaze longingly at cross country than stand for the Ground Jury. Good thing he is accepted, not long to go now my friend!

3:56 p.m.:

Jenny Caras was all smiles on the jog strip in her four-star debut with Fernhill Fortitude #rk3de

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3:55 p.m.: Sharon White and the stunning Cooley On Show are accepted. The horses have all been remarkably well behaved today! Come on ponies, my GIF-making fingers are itchy!

3:54 p.m.:

3:53 p.m.:

3:51 p.m.: Ellen Doughty-Hume has to sprint to keep up with Sir Oberon, but they’re accepted! Next up is Bobby Meyerhoff and Dunlavin’s Token, who is contesting his final Rolex this weekend. Bobby had a cross country fall a couple of weeks ago and is recovering from broken ribs and a collapsed lung. When I texted him to ask if he was still going to Kentucky, he said, “Well, yeah…” Dumb question, Bobby, my bad.

3:51 p.m.:

3:50 p.m.:

Lauren Kieffer gives Vermiculus a kiss before his first four-star horse inspection #rk3de

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3:49 p.m.: Indy 500 is accepted after a pause. Next up is Lisa Marie Fergusson and Honor Me, who are accepted.

3:49 p.m.:

3:49 p.m.:

3:48 p.m.:

Sparrow’s Nio looks excited to be back at Rolex with Allie Sacksen! #rk3de

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3:47 p.m.: Rachel McDonough and Irish Rhythm as well as Kurt Martin with Delux Z are both accepted. Next up is Andrea Baxter and Indy 500.

3:46 p.m.: Never OutFoxed was very spunky on the runway so Holly was asked to jog again. Accepted on the second try!

3:44 p.m.:

Pau winners Maximo Livio and Qalao de Mers are the sole competitors representing France 🇫🇷 #rk3de

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3:44 p.m.:

3:43 p.m.: Liz Halliday-Sharp and a very keen Fernhill By Night are accepted, as are Lauren Kieffer and Vermiculus. Next up is Holly Payne Caravella with Never OutFoxed.

3:41 p.m.: Another West Coast pair in to present now, Jen McFall and High Times. They’re accepted and looking sharp!

3:40 p.m.:

3:40 p.m.:

3:38 p.m.:

3:38 p.m.: Jenny Caras and Fernhill Fortitude, another Rookie pair are accepted, as are Caroline Martin and Spring Easy.

3:37 p.m.: Hawley Bennett-Awad and Jollybo are accepted! Go West Coast!

3:36 p.m.:

Rolex Rookies Madeline Backus and P.S. Arianna sparkled on the jog strip #rk3de

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3:34 p.m.: Jolie Wentworth and Goodknight are accepted. Moving on we now see Mexico’s Daniela Moguel and Cecilia.

3:34 p.m.:

3:33 p.m.: Colleen Rutledge has withdrawn Covert Rights from the hold box.

3:32 p.m.: Work that hat, Allie!

3:30 p.m.: Hey, can I tell you a secret? We’re doing the first ever EN Best Turned Out Poll this year in lieu of a Best Dressed. Those hard working grooms next some recognition for making these horses absolutely gleam! Stay tuned for more. Meanwhile, Erin and Mettraise are accepted and are followed by Allie Sacksen and Sparrow’s Nio, a Connemara/TB.

3:28 p.m.: Selena O’Hanlon and Foxwood High accepted, moving on to Kristin Schmolze and Ballylaffin Bracken, aka my favorite horse name ever. “Rox” is also the biggest horse in the field, at 17.3 hands. He’s accepted and next up is Erin Sylvester and Mettraise.

3:28 p.m.:

3:26 p.m.: Next up, West Coast power! Rise Against being presented by Maddie Sexton for her mother, Bunnie.

3:26 p.m.:

3:25 p.m.: What must it feel like to walk onto the jog strip for the first time as a Rolex Rookie? We’d love to be inside Madeline Backus’ head right now as she presents P.S. Arianna!

3:24 p.m.: Who’s A Star gave Sally Cousins’ Tsunami the side eye (or maybe a good luck nod?) on the way off of the jog strip after being accepted with Courtney Cooper.

3:22 p.m.: Boyd’s two, Crackerjack and Steady Eddie are accepted. Covert Rights has been sent to the hold box with Colleen Rutledge.

3:19 p.m.: Lillian is accepted with both horses, now it’s Boyd Martin up to present.

3:17 p.m.: Katie Ruppel and Houdini are accepted, and now it’s a very spring festive Lillian Heard with her two mounts, Share Option and LCC Barnaby. Fun fact: Share Option can speak on command!

3:15 p.m.: Petite Flower looks cool as a cucumber for Buck as she is the last to be accepted of his three. Next up is Katie Ruppel and her OTTB Houdini.

3:13 p.m.: Will Coleman and his two handsome mounts accepted, and now it’s Buck Davidson with his three horses. He’s got his lucky socks on!

3:11 p.m.:

3:08 p.m.: We’d like to extend a big EN welcome back to Mr. Medicott, who is competing in his first CCI4* since 2014. All of Phillip’s horses are accepted and we’re moving on to Will Coleman with his two rides, OBOS O’Reilly and Tight Lines.

3:05 p.m.: All of Jessica’s mounts accepted! Now it’s Joe Meyer and Clip Clop, who is looking stunning and absolutely fighting fit. Next up is Phillip Dutton with his three horses.

3:05 p.m.:

3:00 p.m.: The first to see this afternoon is Jessica Phoenix, representing Canada, and her three mounts. Busy girl!

2:50 p.m.: Groom’s backpack?? No, wait. Grooming supplies should be in the groom’s packpack…

Packing for Rolex like #rk3de #equestrianlife #cwdsellier

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