Nathalie Pollard aka Superwoman!

They’re making a film out of the very funny book, “I don’t know how she does it”, about a woman who manages to juggle everything, and the same title could very well apply to Nathalie Pollard. Always calm, friendly and beautiful, it’s hard to believe that she copes with a toddler and twin babies, a husband with (at least!)  two jobs and a barn full of horses, and still manages to ride a couple herself!  We spoke to her as she waited for Michael to go cross country, and as her father Carl “babysat” her oldest son, Phineas.

Nathalie’s father, Carl, limbering up for his 3* ride later in the day by looking after grandson, Phineas. 
Michael jumped round clear on Nathalie’s lovely Schoensgreen Hanni, but with 6.8 time penalties to slip to 10th place.
Carl picked up 20 penalties and sits in 15th place overnight in the 3* division.
Carl bringing Raphael home
Michael and Nathalie take the twins out to walk the course.
I wish them all a good night’s sleep tonight, and best of luck tomorrow. Thanks for chatting, Nathalie, thanks for reading, and Go Eventing!



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