Saturday Video: Can’t Stop Volunteering

“I got this feelin’ inside my bones”

“It goes electric, wavy when the first horse goes”

Who among us doesn’t love a good eventing-themed remix? Loyal British Eventing volunteers Elin Stenberg, Alix Copping & Helen Bowler certainly do. They’ve mixed up an epic remix to Justin Timberlake’s “Cant’ Stop the Feeling!” Listen up and remember to thank a volunteer!

It gets off to a great start:

I got that stopwatch ’round my neck now

I’ve got that clipboard in my hand

Feel that hot tea in my body and that cake… cake

It keeps picking up:

Out in the fields with our radios

Nowhere to hide when the good weather goes

When we’re here we can watch our heroes

So just imagine, just imagine… 

And they bring it home with the chorus:

Nothing I can see but you when you prance, prance, prance

Feel a good, good creeping up on you

So just prance, prance, prance, come on

All those things I could be doing 

But you prance, prance, prance

And ain’t nobody leaving soon so keep prancing

To all the volunteers who spend their weekends watching us prance, we sincerely thank you!