Six Questions with Heather Morris

Heather and Slate River at Rolex earlier this year

Heather and Slate River at Rolex earlier this year. For my second “Six Question” interview, I contacted Texas-based Heather Morris. Heather was recently awarded the Amanda Warrington Grant for the second time, which is a pretty impressive feat. The grant is awarded by the USET Foundation and is meant to off-set expenses for further training. Earlier this year Heather completed Rolex with Slate River and qualified for the Pan American Games on Sportsfield Maisie Grey. Heather rides out of Gold Chip Stables and it’s safe to say if you don’t already know her name, you will soon.

1. How did you first start Eventing?

When I was about 8, I saw the movie Sylvester, told my mom that I wanted to do “that”, she found me a trainer and have been eventing ever since.

2. What are your competitive goals for this year?

I have been lucky enough to Qualify for the Pan Am games on Cherye Hubers Sportsfield Maisie Grey. But unfortunately did not get on the short list to go to Richland Park. Another big goal of the year is the CCI*** at Galway Downs in November on Lynne Partridges First Mark. He had been unlucky with some injuries but he is back now.

3. Who is the biggest inspiration to your riding career and why?

My inspiration growing up was Ginny Leng. She was such an elegant and lovely person to watch ride.

4. What is your favorite horse memory?

Rolex 2004. My amazing horse Rebel Express had a heart of gold and finished the xc despite having a heart problem that occured on course. We were unable to show jump but he was the most wonderful horse. I got him when he was 4. We did everything together. He is now happily retired.

5. Best advice you’ve ever been given?

“Be careful who you are nice to on the way up, because you will see them again on the way down,” Karen O’Connor

6. Why you ride in five words: For the XC Adrenaline rush!!!

Go Heather


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