Mothers Day Morning Links

Good Morning Eventing Nation! Today is a pretty busy day for Eventing, but hopefully in the midst of it, we can all make some time to spend with our Moms today, and if not, at least a phone call, a card, and flowers are in order. I think most people would agree with me when I say that to start eventing, the basic essentials you need are a horse, a truck and trailer, a saddle, and a supportive mother. Everything else is just extra. I know that I wouldn’t have made it past my first riding lessons had it not been for my mother’s support and encouragement. Let’s all of us make today about thanking our Moms. 

The other exciting part of the weekend is obviously the Kentucky Derby finish last night, where Animal Kingdom emerged victorious. We’ll have more on that later but until then, check out these fun facts.
There are a bunch of horse trials going on this Mother’s Day weekend:
Now, on to the links:

Update: Clark Johnstone wins second world cup

That’s all for now, Eventing Nation. Have a great Mothers Day!


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