Dressage Judge Susan Graham White Releases Fourth Solo Album

Photo courtesy of Susan Graham White.

Susan Graham White is an accomplished horsewoman. Eventing Nation may recognize her as a clinician, dressage judge or as a leading voice in the USEA Future Event Horse Series, but Susan is also a talented musician who has just released her fourth album, Lost Art.

Susan has spent the last decades leading somewhat of a double life, splitting her time between music and horses. “I’ve been a singer/songwriter my whole life, and in college I was a music major, but then I’ve always had an incredible passion for horses too,” Susan said. “Between the two it was always really hard to know what I wanted to do, and I just decided to do them both.”

As a musician, she has received many accolades including the Washington Area Music Association’s Songwriter of the Year (twice!), two Maryland Governor’s awards for songwriting and vocal excellence and her first solo album Rescue was called the “Best Independent Release” of 1992 by songwriter Christine Lavin. As a horsewoman, she has ridden through top levels of dressage, and she is a licensed FEI “I” Eventing Judge, USEF “R” Dressage Judge and USEF “R” Dressage Sport Horse Breeding Judge.

Photo courtesy of Susan Graham White.

She continued to pursue both fields, but when she got a record label deal and touring started taking over barn time, she put her passion for music on the back burner. “Now it’s at the point after a lot of years I have a particular group of songs that I’ve had sitting for a while that I’ve always wanted to get out on an album. There were a number of things happening that it ended up being the opportune time. It’s been an amazing experience,” Susan explained.

The pieces have set easily back in place for Susan’s return to the studio. “Being away so long it feels like it’s all new, and yet I have all these wonderful musician friends that have come in and helped out, so it’s kind of been a homecoming too,” she smiled.

Album cover courtesy of Susan Graham White.

Just as Susan has evolved as a rider and trainer through her career with horses, her music has seen changes over the years. “You get better at your craft the longer you do it, but I also think you get more confident in it. I think as a songwriter that’s what the beauty of this album is,” Susan elaborated. “I don’t feel like I’m tied down to saying I have to be this or that – these are just songs that are inspired some way or another.”

Her creative process for this album took twists and turns as she continued to balance horses and music, but the finished product is a standout. Lost Art is be available on CD at this link.