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Friday Fashion Forecast: GPA Jock Up Three Helmet

While many eventers are fresh off the excitement of their first Horse Trial of 2019, others are stuck in arenas or on snowy trails, dreaming of spring and the start of cross country. What better

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Friday Fashion Forecast: Acavallo Respira Air Release Gel Pad

I’m pretty sure I have about 8 million half pads, wither-relief pads and assorted other accoutrement in my collection. But I recently had the opportunity to try the Acavallo Respira Air Release Gel Pad, which

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Cavalry Training: The Epic Grandaddy of Cross Country

Wow! Check out this impressive video of 1920s cavalry training posted on Colleen Rutledge’s Facebook page: Just watching this makes me think about helmets and safety vests … not to mention medical armbands! Even with the

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