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Product Review: Noble Outfitters’ Best Dang Boot Socks & Perfect Fit Gloves

I have terrible feet. I’m an equestrian who spends too much time in my boots, and I’m a runner. (Well. Sometimes. Off and on. Occasionally.) Anyway … I have terrible feet. Think broken toes, high

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Kim Severson Gives a Clinic in Razorback Country

It isn’t often that a rider of Kim Severson’s caliber comes to Arkansas to teach. While the natural state’s eventing community is growing, and some quality riders and horses are slowly putting us on the

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The Definition of Easy

According to Webster, the definition of “Easy” is A) causing or involving little difficulty or discomfort; or B) requiring or indicating little effort, thought, or reflection. Well, that’s according to Webster. And WOW! That definition totally does NOT feel

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