The Horse That Was Afraid

We had to share this poem written by Jennie Jarnstrom's student Caroline Bergkvist many years ago when she was 16 years old. The horse in the poem is "Ernie," and he learned not to be afraid. Send your own stories, photos and videos to [email protected]

The horse that was afraid
Will surprise you someday
He will jump that brush
Take your time, don’t rush
He will jump up that bank
Give a release, don’t yank
He might just jump the coop
But ride him as if he was to spook
The step-up might seem like a hard ride
But he has nothing to hide
He’ll gallop through that water Splish! Splash!
You’ll be in and out in a flash
That ditch might seem deep
Don’t let him fall asleep
Making your way to the spread
Make sure you use your head
Believe me, he will jump that table
Quicker than you can switch channels on cable
He laughs in the fear of fires
And zooms right over the tires
Through the finish line
“Oh boy, I am sure glad he’s all mine!”