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Senior pictures gone awry! Photo courtesy of Teresa Rozenboom.

Senior pictures gone awry! Photo by Annie Hill Photography.

High school senior Rachel Rozenboom thought that including her OTTB mare, Allie, in her senior pictures was an obvious must, but as we know with horses, things don’t always go to plan. They took Allie down to a picturesque location, that just so happened to be located near a field full of very tall and scary corn, and the wind was up high. Needless to say, the mare decided to have her say about this “photoshoot” nonsense and Rachel comes out looking like a lion tamer in a white dress! Oh, horses!!

U.S. Weekend Preview:

Ocala Winter I H.T. [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times]

News From Around the Globe:

While the tragic loss of Olivia Inglis is still fresh from the past year, her newly created foundation is looking out for the safety of riders in the future. The Olivia Inglis Scholarship Fund, established by Equestrian NSW through the Australian Sports Foundation, was the initiative of the Scone Horse Trials Organizing Committee after she died while competing in a two-star competition at the New South Wales Eventing Championships in March 2016. The fund was originally aimed to help young riders, but after the death of Australian young rider Caitlyn Fischer, it moved towards improving eventing safety. The fund has raised more than A$167,000 to date. [Olivia Inglis Foundation]

With the first event of the year coming up this weekend, you better make sure you brush up on your 2017 rule changes. This includes, but is not limited to, dress code, opening dates, how to break a score tie, dressage scoring (also now you can fall off in dressage and not get eliminated?!), and rules for the new Modified division. This, and many many more. Seriously, look at this before you go to an event, you never know what has changed in just a few months. [USEA Rules Refresher]

If you’re bored/standing with the farrier/at work and don’t want to be today, tune in to the live USEF stream of the George Morris Horsemastership Training Sessions. Unfortunately, George himself will not be there to educate these young minds with his own brand of humor and shame, but you will get to see the likes of Anne Kursinksi, Beezie Madden and Laura Kraut (holla girl squad!), which is still pretty good. If you’re stuck at home with the winter blues, this might just cheer you up and inspire you to go home and practice the show jumping! [George Morris Horsemastership Live Stream]

The first Pharoah has been born! Brookdale Farm of Versailles, Kentucky announced yesterday that what is believed to be the first foal of American Pharoah has been born! The bay colt was born Tuesday morning just after midnight, the first foal to maiden mare Kakadu. As a side note, I know automatically spell the word “Pharaoh” like Pharoah and the correct way looks weird. #horsegirlproblems [Baby Pharoah]

Get yourself inspired this winter with the latest USEA Grid Pro Quo from Joe Meyer. Grids are an awesome way to improve strength and balance for both horse and rider, and a good way to keep things interesting during the winter when you’re stuck in a smaller indoor or just working from the bottom up. Joe Meyer illustrates two simple grids that are easy to set up and easy to use for both young horses and more experienced ones coming back into work. [Grid Pro Quo]


Holiday horse cookies!! Don’t mind if I do….