Thursday Video: How to Measure Your Horse for a Blanket with SmartPak

Horses are like people: they come in every size and shape, and a horse that you might “ballpark” to fit in a blanket size 78 might actually be more comfortable in a 75. But how can you tell? How can you ensure BEFORE you buy that expensive new blanket that the size you ordered will fit your horse just right?

You measure, of course! If you’ve never measured a horse for a blanket, SmartPak is here with a helpful how-to video to demonstrate exactly how this process works and what you need to do to make sure you’ve got the proper size.

Thanks, SmartPak! Need more information on blankets and blanketing? Don’t miss SmartPak’s in-depth Blanketing Guide. You can also browse the full selection of stable blankets, turnout blankets, sheets, hoods, coolers and more at!