Tuesday News & Notes from Cavalor

Photo by Sam Sequist.

Ah, fall in Vermont! Sally Stetson takes Sam Sequist’s Ursa Major out for a fitness ride with the most beautiful of backgrounds. There are all kinds of beautiful scenery around our country, but it’s hard to beat fall colors like these. Enjoy your horses and your views this week everyone!

National Holiday: National Angel Food Cake Day

Events Opening This Week: Pine Top Thanksgiving H.T. (GA, A-3)

Events Closing This Week: Holly Hill Fall H.T. (LA, A-5) Chattahoochee Hills H.T. (GA, A-3) The Virginia CCI* + H.T. (VA, A-2)

Tuesday News:

It has been one hell of a year for Booli Selmayr. We mourned with her in June when she tragically lost Jaeda during cross country due to acute diaphragmatic hernia, which could not have been foreseen. Since then, she’s kept busy and driven with her barn, including an up-and-coming crop of youngsters. We wish her the best as she closes out this season! [Now on Course: Booli Selmayr Hopes to End the Year on a High Note]

Boekelo was a huge event both in numbers and impressions. The Equiratings team has a few post-event thoughts from this big competition including the influence of dressage, riders who went under the radar and much more! [10 Things to Take Away From Boekelo 2017]

We all know a barn cat who earns his keep, and maybe a few that don’t. Either way, we can agree rodents in the feed room is one of the most frustrating issues barn owners face. As it starts getting colder, you might see a few more of these critters. Here’s why and how you can get rid of them. [Keeping Rodents Out of Your Feed Room]

Tuesday Video: Get views from all around Aspen Farms from MovingImagesNW: