Tuesday Video from SpectraVet: Carl Hester Enlisted to Train #BurghleyPony

World Horse Welfare Pamela, an 8.3-hand Shetland rescue pony, is set to become the smallest equine ever to participate in the Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials this year. Supported by equestrian icons with her “star rider” yet to be revealed, the #BurghleyPony’s journey to four-star fame will be documented by a series of behind-the-scenes training videos released in the leadup to the event.

Burghley Horse Trials Event Director Elizabeth Inman explains, “Pamela was certainly a surprise late entry and once we had recovered from the initial shock at the prospect of a Shetland pony ‘competing’ at Burghley, we can now see that Pamela is no ordinary Shetland pony. To have received the backing of so many equestrian stars goes to show just how talented this pony really is and we are delighted that Pamela has chosen Burghley to be her four-star debut.”

The first video features Olympic gold medalist dressage rider Carl Hester, who predicts that they have their work cut out for them! Keep up with #BurghleyPony‘s progress via the World Horse Welfare and Burghley Facebook pages.

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