Tuesday Video from SpectraVet: Stuff Eventers Say

Washington state eventer Robin Loch sent us this video, several parts of which hit pretty darn close to home!

She explains the impetus behind the video’s creation. “I was sitting on my bum eating M&Ms when I started thinking of things eventers say or commonly run into and thought … heck, I have nothing to do but homework and adult activities so might as well procrastinate and make a video that I thought was hilarious. There are definitely things that happen that I forgot to include and some of these apply to all riders, but ya know, close enough!”

Robin has been riding since age five and gravitated toward eventing from the get-go, on whatever pony was available. “I always ended up with the bratty ponies no one else wanted to ride but they taught me the most, and to this day my favorite horses to work with are the difficult ones no one else wants to work with,” Robin says.

Now 20 years old, Robin is in her junior year of college and was last competing at Training level with her “spicy” little Thoroughbred mare, Trin (AKA Cool Lady Taylor). School has been keeping her busy lately, she says that eventing is always on her mind and in her heart: “Eventually I want to compete at the top of our sport and tackle the Kentucky Three-Day event as well as compete in the Retired Racehorse Project Thoroughbred Makeover and Mustang Magic Makeover. I know some high goals, but I figure with a box of Pop Tarts and a cute pony there is no challenge I can not conquer.”

We like your style, Robin! Go Eventing.

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