Two Yellow Cards, Two Warnings Emerge from WEG

Tim Price and Wesko. Photo by Jenni Autry. Tim Price and Wesko. Photo by Jenni Autry.

As the dust continues to settle from the eventing portion of the World Equestrian Games last weekend, the announcement of FEI yellow cards and verbal warnings has been made from the event.

Yellow cards have been handed to Canada’s Hawley Bennett-Awad and Sweden’s Anna Hilton for dangerous riding. Hawley’s card cames from continuing on after three refusals and Anna’s was issued for riding her horse into a fall, which occurred at the final water complex.

Tim Price, who is having a bit of an unlucky time the last few weeks, has received a verbal warning for abuse of horse/riding a tired horse. You may remember that Tim and Wesko were pulled up just shy of the finish line due to Wesko’s tired state.

Ireland’s Aoife Clark also received a verbal warning for dangerous/irresponsible riding aboard Fenyas Elegance.

This is the first offense for all four riders, meaning none will receive any sort of suspension. You can find more information on the Yellow Cards, as well as the current list of cards and warnings, visit the FEI website.


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