Video Sunday: Rolex Cross-Country & More

Following the EN/Chronicle Live Blog has been a great way for fans at  home (including me!) to keep up with the competition.  Here are some videos of the big event to make you really feel like you were there.  I encourage you to click the links and watch the rest of the videos that are out there!  Good luck to all the competitors today and a safe trip home for everyone.

William Fox-Pitt and Cool Mountain through the Head of the Lake.  HNNVideo has a ton of great videos.

Becky Holder and Courageous Comet at the Trakhener  

Colin Davidson and Draco at the Trakhener

Celebrate boots!  The Derdau boot booth at Rolex.

Phillip and The Foreman through the Lake.  Ecogold has many more great videos of their riders at Rolex.

3D3W has lots of videos Here we are in the vet box with Woodburn.


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