Watch Chinchwürst Smash Face-first into Every Luhmühlen Cross Country Fence

You’ve seen the jumps.

You’ve watched the drone flyover.

You’ve read all about the world’s best riders making short work of it.

But never, not until this very moment, have you seen the Luhmühlen cross-country course like THIS.

A couple weekends ago at Bromont, in lieu of our usual course walk, we sent Le Chinch on a mission to tackle the entire CCI3* course himself. Being only eight inches tall, it seemed an impossible feat.

We attempted to bolster his confidence by quoting passages from the great motivational speaker R. Kelly: “We believe you can fly! We believe you can touch the sky!”

And fly/touch the sky is what he did, reaching heights never before imagined for a tiny, not-that-aerodynamic stuffed animal. You can view the complete photo gallery here.


Le Chinch’s CCI3* debut was a big hit with readers, especially readers with a demented sense of humor and too much time on their hands. So when we recruited Chinchwürst, Chinch’s alcoholic German uncle, to sub in as our furry foreign correspondent at Luhmühlen, part of the deal was that he had to reenact Le Chinch’s feat.

CCI3*, CCI4,* drunk, sober… I mean, it’s really not that big a difference, right?



We apologize in advance.

OK, we lied. He didn’t smash into EVERY jump — just about 50% of the course. We felt morally obligated to cut him off after about his 10th concussion.

Go Chinchwürst. Go Eventing.

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