Wednesday News and Notes from SmartPak

And Buck will be filling his own division at Ocala. We call it 'OP-Buck' and 'OP-Everyone Else' And Buck will be filling his own division at Ocala. We call it 'OP-Buck' and 'OP-Everyone Else'

The holidays are over, the relatives have left, and it’s officially time to start stalking the entry lists. Entries for Ocala I, Rocking Horse I, and the new event Three Lakes are all already available. Some old favorites are back after a hiatus, and Buck already has about fifty more entries than anyone else. Does anyone else have some entries to peruse? Bored office workers need something to fill the hours!

U.S. Weekend Preview

Just one more week to go, folks.

Lost a bit of MOJO? Get it back with this week’s Fab Freebie! MOJO is giving away a prize pack containing both wristbands and halter patches, and we think you will really enjoy using them! Enter by midnight on Friday for your chance to win. [Fab Freebie: MOJO]

The USEA needs your help to begin to renew the Frangible Fence Study. Begun in 2009 at the University of Kentucky, the study was put on hold due to lack of funds. Mrs. Jacqueline Mars has generously offered to donate $25,000 towards renewing the study, but only if the USEA can match the amount by January 15th. This amount will allow the study to resume, while fundraising continues. Once renewed, the study will take a total of $160,000 to complete. Please consider contributing to this important research aiming to improve the safety of our sport. [Cross Country Safety Study] [USEA Launches Campaign]

Carleigh Fedorka had a rollercoaster of a year. Despite the incredible highs of winning the dressage division of the RRTP and running her first Training, Carleigh had some rough days…and months…in 2015. In this blog, she puts it all in perspective with the help of an old saying, urging the reader to remember the ups and to let go of the downs. [How Do You Measure A Year]

In a heart-wrenching Groom’s Spotlight, we meet Crystal Lee. Crystal Lee, the long-time groom for dressage rider Jim Koford, was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2014. Since then, she has had three surgeries, yet continues to look forward, eager to ride again. Her two year old Hanoverian, Dragon, keep her company. She urges everyone in the horse industry, rider, groom, or working student, to make time in their schedule for regular check-ups. [Crystal Lee Lives to Ride]

Stephen Bradley is looking to return to the top with a young German Warmblood. Armicor, a 5-year old chestnut gelding with a striking blaze, caught the eye of Stephen while he was in Germany recently. Stephen imported him to the States and is now looking for syndicate owners to share in the journey with Armicor. Please contact [email protected] if you are interested in becoming a syndicate member and would like more details. [Armicor]

SmartPak Product of the Day: These boots are absolutely gorgeous, and I’ve been drooling over them for years. As pretty as they are, I’m not sure I could bring myself to wear them to the barn, but they would sure get a lot of compliments as I walk through the city. [Smart Pak]

Here’s Buck on one of his fifty entries from Ocala 1 last year.

(It wasn’t fifty entries, we exaggerate.)