Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: Building Badminton

The latest #BehindBadminton video was released today, giving us a behind-the-scenes look at the course as we get closer to the 100-day countdown to this year’s horse trials.

The Willis brothers have been synonymous with Badminton for three decades as the dedicated course builders, and in this video we meet James Willis. He confirms that we will see new jumps on Eric winter’s inaugural course, as well as a slightly different look for the iconic lake.

Hugh Thomas, Badminton event director, adds: “I think the greatest thing about an event like Badminton is that we have to keep moving forward all the time. We’ve got to progress; we can’t stand still. People are always asking me, ‘What’s new at Badminton?” In a sense there’s nothing new — we’re just the best event in the world — but we have to try to develop it all the time.”

Keep it locked on EN as we bring you full coverage from Badminton later in the season. Go Eventing!

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